Chocolate-Dipped "Cannoli" Cupcakes

Chocolate-Dipped "Cannoli" Cupcakes
GET THE FULL RECIPE: Cupcakes + Cannolis + Chocolate dipped Ice cream cones = Childhood …

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  1. gabriele 303 says

    Mi fa male il cuore a vedere questo. Sono siciliano

  2. Fartun Muse says


  3. Gulya Swift says


  4. Brynn Stevenson says

    Add a pinch of salt to the cannoli filling to make it not as sweet. Other than that these cupcakes were a hit!

  5. Maddie Evans-Cole says

    Aka cheese cupcakes

  6. shady says

    Just buy cupcakes and put magic shell on top

  7. Avery Ullrich says

    I made these a while back, THEY ARE AMAZING!!!

  8. Nuha Chowdhury says

    Probably tastes amazing but looks like dog shit…….

  9. mtdoseden says

    how the fck did he/she/it bite that without ruining it

  10. Roman Corey says

    Did they use Vanilla, White, or Yellow cake mix?

  11. Olivia says

    Made these omg they're so good

  12. Signe Golash says

    These were super good, but there wasn't enough frosting to make filling as well. I'd add another half amount or even double for 24 cupcakes.

  13. Anushka biswas says


  14. Feonalilly says

    make sure you drain the liquid out of the ricotta cheese or else your frosting will be too runny to stay on the cupcakes. I had to turn my cannoli frosting into a pita dip

  15. Starcat productions says

    These look amazing

  16. Arshdeep Aujla says

    You guys on 2:00 it actually shows the crew

  17. Big Flatso Minxy says

    This filling recipe is too thin. I just tried them it's a fail.

  18. ShroomWalrus says

    The fuck is cake mix maybe you should put a recipe for it in case someone lives you know in a place where they're not too lazy to put flour and baking powder together

  19. CrazyCatLady78 says

    oh fuck yes!

  20. hue mangoc says


  21. Claire Tyler says

    It's literally 4 am here and I'm starvingg

  22. THE WADS says

    Just made these …. so good!

  23. ميم م says

    Yaaaz my love😍👅❤️❤️

  24. Zekrom YT says

    Am I the only one waiting for the "OMG AMERICANS WANT DIABETES!" Comments? Or is anyone else looking for them as well.

  25. Thicc Daddy says

    Different from the thumbnail…

  26. Habeebah Hoosaney says

    did anyone already see this video from them on Instagram,
    nope? just me

  27. Alyssa Jen says

    This looks good except I wish it didn't have ricotta in it

  28. steemdup says

    where did you find the dark chocolate wafers?  I need some of those.

  29. Tr. Da. says

    Motherfucking GENIUS

  30. Alessandro Luciani says

    Wtf did I just watch? You murdered pastry! And what's with cake mix? Why eat chemical?

  31. THE WADS says

    somebody stop me from making these and eating them all!!! drooling…

  32. Emily Shih says

    What's the point of adding coconut oil to the chocolate?

  33. DailyHealthyRecipes says

    Dipped? EXPLODED with filling!

  34. Tayla Sales says

    this is a great recipe but the cannoli filling hasn't been mixed completely and looks lumpy, come on, put some more effort in

  35. JasonJacksonJames says

    use cake mix once more and I'll get your channel banned from youtube

  36. MK. says


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