Chocolate Strawberry Cream Puffs

Chocolate Strawberry Cream Puffs
Customize & buy the Tasty Cookbook here: Here is what you’ll need! Chocolate Strawberry Cream Puffs Servings: 15-20 INGREDIENTS 10 …

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  1. Rheanna Scheck says

    Why is the mix so runny? Ive never seen that.

  2. The Awkward Asexual says

    I’m on a diet. Why am I watching this? Dammit.

  3. Rocky1115 says

    Those are the most horrible "cream puffs" I've ever seen.

  4. BB Green says

    Aren't these just profiteroles?

  5. Kamilla Iqbal says

    And for the topping add whipped cream with brown food coloring and a glass of milk! Milk is great with desserts.

  6. A Human says

    I followed the recipe and they came out wonderfully. Thank you Tasty 👏😁

  7. *-_Masa A_-* says

    So.. when we are eating the custard we are basically eating raw eggs?

  8. Lillian Ellis says

    I'm from the future and beware of Justin Y in the future!!! He likes to comment first on every video and it annoys everyone that sees him

  9. Mary Aberilla says

    Yummy 😋🤗😋

  10. Peace Yang says

    According to the thumbnail, I thought they were much larger.

  11. Kirath Kaur2006 says

    Can u make banana roll with Oreos

  12. Dragon Emperor says

    will it come out right if I just use chocolate?

  13. emma taylor says
  14. abdalrahman al-nachar says

    who else is starving even tho you eaten

  15. Dominikas and Lulus life says

    Makes me hungry

  16. Anisa ermayani m. says

    Very good friend

  17. Jenisha Lamichame says

    Wow I like it

  18. Ramóna Bogdán says


  19. Lo hobbit says


  20. Beaute Prestigekhadija says

    This is good so yuumy😝

  21. Sumaiya siddiqui says

    Can i bake it in a microwave on convection mode on 200 degree as i dont have above that will it turn out to be perfect

  22. Brian Rapp says

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  23. Emilsi Deschamps says

    I just made these and loved them

  24. Kerry Chaney says

    Chocolate raspberry puff

  25. teddy topis says

    I'm allergic to strawberries

  26. Brayden bias says

    oh my god its so delicious

  27. Madi Perez says

    still might be REALLY GOOD though 😀

  28. Madi Perez says

    wow lots of butter 😮

  29. Patrick Blake says

    So proud of myself when I made these on the 4th of July. Not bad for a first attempt.

  30. ishra tranm says

    Ohho yes.i just love your voice. Now I wanna see you.

  31. Zeynep says

    Wow the onions in germany are not that big.
    The onions are as big as a walnut.
    Grettings from germany ❤

  32. Daniel gemer says


  33. Emotion Duck says

    Once I was doing eclairs. I fucked up so bad on the first batch, they didn't raise, they were like cookies. Then I added another egg to the left-over pastry, and miracle, it got together and raised! Well some of them, because I was looking how it works, I piped thin lines of it with idea it'll raise big, I was wrong. But yeah, it came out nice looking (some of them), so it wasn't that bad kitchen experiment. And it tasted so delicious, and making it is so easy!
    P.S. I used different recipe, so instead of water it was milk, I think milk is better for baking choux for flavor and texture (not pro baker/pastry chef so make with water if you want)

  34. LoneWolfGaming says

    lol, this reminds me of Eric from aphmau who is Katelyns dad

  35. Diya Mehta says

    Any Carmilla fans here? Lel

  36. Chinmaye Jain says

    What should we use instead of eggs for making it vegan…

    Please..please reply

  37. DesTheBest says

    people who comment recipe advice please know that before this is an actual recipe that is attempting to taste good it is a recipe that is meant to simply look appealing and advertising to the viewers. Tasting good is a plus which I'd assume the foods usually do but the blunt truth is that whether it tastes good or not if it's not camera cute it's not getting published through this page as a recipe but i'm sure they'd love to read your distinguished suggestions. lol i'm usually not this person but as a binge watcher of tasty im sick of yalls bull but keep it up the comment counts for something

  38. inara says

    Who else has been binge-watching this channel?

  39. ImSoRandom says

    this came out great 👍

  40. dead says

    Music gives some animal crossing vibds

  41. Aidan Meder says


  42. Alina Mitchelson says

    Seems too eggy

  43. Nickolette. Neon says

    This may be my fav…

  44. sch3ng says

    Am I the only one who wants to make this but is too lazy?

  45. Claire Drake says

    i feel like i only watch the dessert videos

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