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  1. jane 17 says

    2:19 I've seen it in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rachel And isla says

    Omg the balloon thing… so true it happened to me and my friend and me laughed and laughed for a literal 5 minutes # Mickey Mouse fail😂

  3. Cel Garol says

    My mom was drinking pineapple juice it said 0%sugar at the back says 100% sugar

  4. Linzi GachaCraft says

    Ots zachmagic ok not clickbait in reallife

  5. Cookie Gurl says

    Azzy it is zach king wut

  6. Cali Ott says

    0:15 what If the person doesn’t peel it

  7. Jezzer Merrel says

    Thats Zac King the Magician

  8. Nhald Dawal says

    8:58 that's for babys so they dont get ouchie

  9. Diego Baires says

    I saw the same but chocalate

  10. Maryum Shah says

    Azzy that is ZACH KING!!

  11. Dahdah Rose says

    That Zack King

  12. Jill Harrison says


  13. Ooshma Verma says

    0:02 he is not just any dude .he is one of the most popular YouTube magicians

  14. 11smoyer says

    I have a window in my bathroom be careful with your wishes.

  15. Leilani Bernardino says

    The first guy you saw of the video I know him because he's Zach King.

  16. Pokemon ShinyHunting says

    0:51 its littler

  17. Mazhar Iqbal says

    There is money on the add

  18. JP Robles says

    I have always gotten the clickbait Big Mac bcuz I always order the Big Mac

  19. Crande says

    That is Zach King…

  20. GamingWith Sis says

    It’s Zac king!Does Azzy know Zac King?

  21. Evie Brewis says

    At 7:23 that looks like an owl

  22. Sandy P says

    U dident know?

  23. Sunfl_wer Bell says

    90% comments are about Zach king
    lol no joke

  24. Chloe pick Xx says

    I’ve got a brick wall azzyland plz reply x

  25. Game Buyer+ says

    I hope everyone realises the first one is from a zack king (who is a magician who uses editing to make it look like *magic*) video/vine.

  26. MrChiragadhikari says

    azzy drink milk! 8:48

  27. MrChiragadhikari says
  28. MrChiragadhikari says

    azzy drink milk[eclamation mark]

  29. super sushi says


  30. Zakiyya Gangat says

    The dollar tree has everything for $1

  31. Ellie Throckmorton says

    Does she not realize that in the first photo that is Zack King 😂 another YouTuber he did Vine lol

  32. Ken ThePro says

    Hes a magician zach king

  33. Zack Galaxy says

    The first one was a vine by zack king

  34. Bryce Harrison says

    Its like an elephant stepped on the McDonald’s burger

  35. HarpsichordYT says

    Everything at the dollar tree is actually a dollar though (except the gum ball machines which are less)

  36. HarpsichordYT says

    Am I really the only one who always knew baby carrots were regular carrots cut?? Like even as a little kid I just always assumed they were regular carrots cut Bc cheese cubes were cut down cheese and celery sticks were cut down celery so it only made sense that baby carrots were cut down carrots especially since we never called them “baby” we called the just carrots or carrot sticks

  37. Spongebob memes says

    i love food

  38. Zach Smith says

    Had to pause my mom gave me Starbucks 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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