Collective Clothing Haul | November

Collective Clothing Haul | November
Hey guys! today I’ve got a quick clothing haul from a few really awesome websites, I hope you enjoy it! Items in this video: OASAP Jumper: …

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Lem's Life says

    Really nice stuff lemoni cook

  2. Mariasita says

    i really like the sweatshirts💓💓💓

  3. sushiesalmon 20 says

    What brand the Tshirt your wearing i bet its really comfy

  4. Brinda Prakash says

    plssssssssssssssssssssss link her instagram pls need it so bad!!!

  5. serena k says

    I remember when you had 10 000 subs your channel has grown so much! love your videos

  6. Rebecca Lang says

    Hey, I was wondering what size your tan coat from Sheinside was? I'm wanting to buy one but have read reviews from people saying the sizes were all smaller than the sizing chart said. 
    Thanks for your videos. You're very beautiful 🙂

  7. Srebrna Luna says

    Nie wiedziałam że jesteś polką gdyby nie filmik z trip to Poland 😉

  8. Itsvnessa says

    I love Quay sunglasses!! I did a haul with Quay in my channel too 🙂

  9. Philippine Ruzette says

    Hey! Thanks so much for this video and thoses great websites! But I have only one question about OASAP : Is it a USA website because I live in Belgium and I'm wondering if I will have to to paye some taxes? What about you? Did you just paye the price of your ordres or more ? You will save my life to answer me about this cause I definitely fell in love with a GREAT sweat-shirt! 😀 Love your videos, keep going! Kiss from Belgium 🙂

  10. Lizbeth Agundez says

    what color is your hair i love it !!! c:

  11. Mina-Sb says

    Just found your channel, and omg you are stunning !!

  12. yaz says

    you suit in everything!!

  13. Elin Leysen says

    i really love your style and you're so pretty!!!just subbed 🙂

  14. Lilly rose🌹 says

    Love the clothes!! Please do another car boot haul xx 💞💕

  15. mkate says

    I absolutely love your channel, your style is to die for! 

  16. Camila Elise says

    This is a beautiful video. You are extremely beautiful ! Would you mind telling me where did you get the top you're wearing in the video? It really caught my attention 🙂

  17. sophie m says

    Could you start posting outfit of the days on your youtube channel? Or of the week? Would love to see some fall-winter outfit ideas from you

  18. LifeofFallon says

    can I just have your closet pleasee!

  19. Molle says

    You are so beautiful i really like u 💘

  20. layla allen says

    girl we need to collab

  21. Kendall Vescio-Fassett says

    Everyday makeup routine please

  22. The Style Way says


  23. Your hair , eyes , oooh gosh everything about you is so damn perfect ! 

  24. Kate Duncan says

    I just found your channel and your videos are amazing!!!! seriously your now one of my favorite channels!!! and whats you're instagram?

  25. Emily Kemp says

    This is your first video I've watched- and I love it! I'm definitely subscribing 😉 <3

  26. SUPERLYSAM says

    Congrats on 50K!!! Been subbed to you since you had 9K!!! 🙂 teach me your skills girl! 🙂

  27. Zeta Xu says

    your videos are honestly the loveliest and your cheekbones are perfection!! i absolutely love the little cat eye sunglasses at the beginning!

  28. Flor M says

    you are perfect! even without makeup

  29. Irisa says

    I'm in love with your look ! I wish you every success in your futur endeavours.
    From France. xx

  30. 2HeartU says

    Could you do a tutorial on the make up that you are wearing on this video? It looks stunning and so so natural on you! x

  31. Chloe Wilks says

    You are so so so so so pretty😫 I love your hair colour😍

  32. lenamarie says

    you're such a sweet person! and i'm obsessed with your hair colour xx

  33. maddie nugent says

    im actually crushing on your hair please, cant find the colour anywhere, i know it was an accident but any ideas on how you would do it 

  34. Radi Ml says

    Love you and your blog so much <3 ;3

  35. Charlotte and Grace says

    WOW! Your hair and style is banging!

  36. TheFashionNMakeup says

    you always get the best pieces! loved this!

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