Collective Haul || Walk Trendy, Topshop, H&M, Homeware

Collective Haul || Walk Trendy, Topshop, H&M, Homeware
Hey guys! I decided to film a little haul for you all of things I’ve been collecting throughout the month of April, I hope you guys enjoy it! Roxi ♡Links♡ Instagram: …

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  1. Lem's Life says

    What size are you lemoni cook

  2. Antonina Voronets says

    Hi guys✌️! I want to thank Roxxsaurus for her wonderful videos in which it's nice to see her radiant smile😁, kind eyes and hear how with love in her voice she communicates with her subscribers💛💟! Thank you very much !!!
    P.S. I wish everyone good luck❤️🍀
    (my instagram: 🐈xo

  3. rigmarole says

    I had no idea you liked David Bowie ! He's one of my favorite artists ever !

  4. Emmy Simpson says

    Hey Roxi, I love your videos! Can you please do another one of these? xo

  5. هيا الشهري says

    soooooooo cooolllllllll✌

  6. Sára Pálfy says

    Fendi is actually italian NOT french

  7. ᵯᴓᵰᶏ says

    You are soooo beautiful 😍 i love your Videos 😍

  8. Ansley Edge says

    where did you get your watch? im in love with it😍😍

  9. Tracy Hartley says

    How old are u xxx luv ur vid just subscribed

  10. sophia Daxböck says

    how tall are you? 🙂

  11. Angel Mischa says

    how old are you??

  12. aiesha khilji says

    do a primark haul

  13. Hebe Zelaya says

    OMG I just saw a couple of your videos, and you are awesome!

  14. Nariman Brada says

    do you speak french or arabic ?

  15. shams says

    you are honestly the best, ily

  16. justxne says

    Hii Roxy! I'm french , but i love u! You'r so beautiful and your videos are so nice! Love u guys Xxx

  17. aliciavicx says


  18. J Schalk says

    Super cute items 🙂 is the h&m Blazer an oversized one or which size did u buy? Need one!

  19. Annie Burr says

    What are those blue jeans called ? Xx

  20. Mirana Razafi says

    Honey you're so sweet !! Love your style and your world. You deserve so much more views !!

  21. sunnymelonity says

    I'm also born the same day as einstein :))
    Love u

  22. Sailor Brenshh says

    Like Your make up ….i look in Mexico

  23. Allana Cassia says

    You should make a room tour , will be amazing !!!

  24. Caitlin Church says

    Could you please do a prom hair/make up look please? That would be awesome:) x

  25. Kylie Dornbush says

    praline is said pray-leen

  26. itsthatgirl holly says

    Cheap but fashionable clothes😻💖

  27. itsthatgirl holly says

    Smokey eye tutorial ❤️❤️

  28. itsthatgirl holly says

    I want your clothes so bad!!💘

  29. Manisha Begum says

    were can i find a turtle neck jumper

  30. Nora Nilsen says

    Do you think you can make a video of your room and what you're inspired of?

  31. Kasia Bębenek says

    I think you should do your monthly favorites ♡

  32. Natasha Webster says

    I love your videos xx

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