Console Wars!

Console Wars!
Dave & Joe, two passionate gamers, make their case for which retro gaming console is the best: the Nintendo or the Sega Genesis. How do the consoles stack …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Idan Winter says

    It's kinda sad how uncomfortable and out-of-place Marques looks here, like he's there JUST to get paid

  2. aeiouxs says

    Yeah sorry MKBHD… schoolyard stuff, don't really want a slick polished video of that kinda childish behaviour :/

  3. Soham Chatterjee says

    Cringe fest

  4. Jimish Fotariya says

    9.98 <3

  5. Gurumurty Hegde says

    cringe overload


    Your product must be MATT BLACK to win

  7. Geric John Olivar says

    SEGA ftw? A big middle middle finger for this reviewer

  8. Rob says

    Loved the Sega Saturn back in the day

  9. salman anjum says

    Mkbhd, I respect you as a tech youtuber. But you’ve clearly not been a gamer. Because maTte BlAcK

  10. Nick Lastnamelol says

    Like the concept but after how good Retro Tech was, this feels too cringe.

  11. بدر و بس says

    This kind of videos is damaging MKBHD reputation

  12. Prylfamiljen says

    Easy. Sega was a game console while Nintendo was an entertainment system. Most Nintendo users would never call them self gamers. So the win for Sega is a walk in the park. It is almost like comparing console gaming today with cellphone games…

  13. Karim Zietoun says

    Disney's Aladdin for the ultimate comparison! 😂

  14. Mister Foo says

    I don't think I've ever said this in an MKB comment before, but this video fucking sucked.
    Could've been a legit interesting discussion if they didn't treat the whole thing as a joke. And if the jokes aren't even funny, then what was the point of this?

  15. Akram Salah says

    Arguably the highest ratio of dislikes in a mekebehede video

  16. Hamad Khan says

    Mascot is one of the reasons to decide which console is better? U on drugs MKBHD?

  17. saar kaner says

    Mama mia!!! what an american hero XD

  18. Arkam Raza says

    * Anything matte black exists *

    MKBHD – * insert pikachu surprised face * TAKE ALL MY MONEY, I FUCKIN WANT THIS.

  19. Ronal Yulius says

    you should paint that nintendo to matte black dude

  20. TheReal_ist says

    There pretending as if Marques is like Mr. Wonderful from the Shark Tank. Hes never even touched these consoles before this filming day, and u want us to believe his opinions have weight??

    Give us a real Well known Retro Gamer, Linus Perhaps literally anyone besides someone who picks something causes its F*cking black. Dear god your the reason why us Millenials get called morons Marques. I like it "Cause its uhhh black ya thats it black good me like simple black."

  21. Deoxys says

    This ain't it cheif

  22. Memopitall says


  23. Mohammed Sharaf says

    would've been more interesting to hear the opinion of a younger generation

  24. Apekshit Pagare says

    I am a gamer but these two specially the Specs guy is trying too hard to sound cool and instead is making me cringe AF….overexcited shithead!

  25. Miguel Romero says

    Dressing up like Mario however ummmmmm

  26. Miguel Romero says

    Marques like “ who would play this” ? Anyone 35 and younger that’s who 😂

  27. VSR007 says

    Show this to anybody who didn't know the meaning of cringe

  28. Tragedy says

    snes is better only picked genius cause it was black

  29. Teshigi Smith says

    This was so awkward to watch lol

  30. Gryph On Gaming says


  31. xureality says

    > No Titan's Overdrive demo or Mode7 games in the graphics section

    Come on guys.

  32. Prince Alabi says

    Was this supposed to be not in my sub box?

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