Cookies & Cream Yogurt Bark

Cookies & Cream Yogurt Bark
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  1. TøäštėdChõćöłātė _ says

    At least use something like vanilla yoghurt instead of plain yoghurt 😣

  2. Darshini Podder says


  3. Uti Osuyah says

    Can you replace the Greek yoghurt with ice cream or heavy cream

  4. Mousumi Saha says


  5. JhudielTheOne says

    Recipe In This Video Is Kids Only (Not For Adults)

  6. Kerry Chaney says

    Cookies cream yogurt bark with extra cream

  7. Rosyredflower AJ says

    ok so I think instead of the Greek yogurt you should use melted white chocolate. super delicous and creamy

  8. tu zukulencia 7w7 says

    oola a todos

  9. Kyla Cat says

    Just gotta love those baby hands😍❤😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  10. Suja says

    try to be healthy with the greek yoghurt but pours in butter too?

  11. layla tse says

    Don't you mean "sandwich cookies"?

  12. Mrs. Puffy says

    0:01 "Chocolate cookies" They are Oreos. OREOS.

  13. bubbles says

    It's so cute house they get their kid involved <3

  14. Mr. Chris P. Bacon says

    I can't even make toast!😅😂

  15. Amanda says

    I prefer white chocolate not yogurt..

  16. Andrew says

    Where's the beef???

  17. Akhshay Kumar says

    We get it you love cookies and cream! Stop.

  18. xXAllyXx says

    what happened to them biting and then putting it down so we can see the inside at the end?
    And why is there now a "kid" "oh, yes!"?
    I miss the old "tasty".

  19. MishCha says

    Where I come from we add greek yogurt to everything, so it looks good to me!

  20. Dayz says

    "Oh yes daddy!" – Caillou

  21. toeny says

    why does tasty have to try to change the name of the cookie? its clear that everyone knows what they are, CHOCOLATE SANDWICH COOKIES

  22. Fırat Çakmak says


  23. Joshua Pierre says

    why not add some lemon zest or coconut to the yogurt?? instead of just having it plain

  24. Daniella Cg says


  25. Szimi Nagy says

    is it tasty? cuz then i'm ready to make it =D

  26. Zakia Ansari says

    that Ziploc added to unnecessary trash 😢

  27. Kim Jin says

    I don't like that kid's hands

  28. Ian says

    You should do boba from scratch along with milk tea or Thai tea from scratch

  29. v t says

    I don't know about this. yuk.🤔

  30. Ksepastremenos says

    This probably tastes bad.
    Just eat the oreos with milk and the yogurt with honey ffs.

  31. charlotte says

    this looks soog gooood

  32. Dominique Porchi says

    Could I use coconut oil instead of butter… I feel like I it's Greek yogurt and Oreos it's kinda like a healthy indulgent cheat snack but then you add butter to it it like ruins it completely

  33. good morning! says

    wouldn't this just taste like yogurt and chocolate.. ?

  34. Lucas says

    que merda ein

  35. BatmanSmilie says

    What dod the woodcutter say to tasty?
    ans. Give me some cookies and youghurt bark

  36. Mc derneld says

    I thought this was a how to basic video

  37. Krisandra Pereira says

    'Chocolate Cookies' Aren't They 'Sandwich Cookies'??

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