School is officially back in session! And that means your brain is probably hard at work these days. And while some of us appear to be very book-smart, others …

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  1. Evie Symonds says

    5:34 what is you forgot you had a weapon on your alarm clock…that wouldn’t end well

  2. Soma Bhowmik says

    Does that foil hack really work?

  3. Kayleigh Whelan says

    Foil hack does not work because she was pressing the ac at the start and then pressed on

  4. Danish Khan says

    1:56 wot the heck i cant even fit a word in that infact if u wanna cheat thats not gonna work cuz u had a longggg exam or test

  5. Alana Prideaux says

    I don’t me two more days to school for me

  6. mariam Kassir says

    Why thay have a boy😒😒

  7. Banana Boy says

    The first hack tho. I've seen it on every craft channel

  8. Apriani Justisia says

    Join my team #creamteam

  9. Nanda Calazans says


  10. sajna shajahan says

    I like 123go

  11. Sabita Samantray says

    worse😴😩😤😕😡😠 nothing happens 😝

  12. Deepika Gupta says

    6: 29 she can use her earning also

  13. Sabiha Afzal says

    I love your VIDEO'S you are a great YOUTUBER

  14. Richa. S. Sinha says

    This amount of people love 123 GO

  15. Emma S says

    Love You 123go❤️🧡💛💚💜💙

  16. Sienna Harrison says

    They are in 8th grade

  17. Sienna Harrison says


    I paused it and read it all.

  18. MrXMighty32 says

    Your not supposed to use a pen in math did you even pay attention in school? Dumbass

  19. Swathi Segu says

    Wow the note book hack and the foil hack was awesome and I tried it and it worked

  20. Camille andrea Morales says

    In 9:11 she press ac not on

  21. jeff power says

    On oh go

  22. Lu Yan says

    5:34 doesn’t that be your nightmare or your get hurt if i did that i will roll down the bed and stab me

  23. wolf boy says

    use a tic tac box for your sharpiner

  24. sunita negi says

    Kevin is handsome 💋💋💋😍😍

  25. Sony Kumari says

    I liked the trick for the compass and for the alarm.📟📟📟

  26. paul badger says

    Why would you want to cheat in a test they are bad influences

  27. Samhita Vadavalli says

    1:34 Ohhhh, you teaching me cheating?

  28. Meceka Manjrekar says

    More videos

  29. DerpyCoco 123 says

    The cheat hacks are so STUPID YOU CANT CHEAT YOU NEED TO LEARN

  30. Sunil Sahu says

    I am not like your video

  31. Nithya Nandhakumar Balaraman says

    i love this video very much

  32. Zein does random things says

    Lily could always use her circle earrings.🤣😂 Don't you realise.

  33. Zein does random things says

    What if someone calls u on the phone.😡😠😲

  34. Mckenzie Head says

    The last couple years are not enough I can not imagine you and the rest I would like him and you are not my best choice I don’t care yo you’re

  35. Savannah Deeth says

    Never cheet in a test

  36. Pleb_ Gamer says

    My classroom has a cctv sooooo i can't do any of the hacks OOF

  37. Terry Culley says

    123 GO: Wow no one will notice if put my chocolates in a plastic bag in my note book
    Me: because you know nobody is gonna see you take them out and eat it.

  38. Candy Fox says

    My class has cubby’s with our extra school stuff and lunch bags so we can eat during class

  39. Melody_Bunny 09 says

    😲 she could use her earrings to make the circle better!!

  40. Elena Gronti says

    Have you ever cheated.
    If yes : like
    If no : commend

  41. Nuri Muca says

    This are so beautiful life hacks for school 😗😙😘😚😍😻

  42. SHERIN SUJIT says

    they are literally teaching how to cheat

  43. Mia's Funzone says

    Why would.we do it? Nowadays we have a camera so we can't do the phone thing

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