COOL WAYS TO SNEAK FOOD INTO CLASS || Back To School Hacks and Pranks by 123 GO!

COOL WAYS TO SNEAK FOOD INTO CLASS || Back To School Hacks and Pranks by 123 GO!
No matter what you’re up to, hunger can strike at any time. And thanks to these clever hacks, we’ll show you how to get munching ASAP — even if it’s smack-dab …

Source 123 GO!
  1. Hani AlMayda says

    Mogu mogu is my favorite drink

  2. Sutapa Mazumdar says

    It's so wonderful

  3. Lisa Muir says

    i love 1 23go ❤♥😁😂😀😉

  4. Pinkruby Rose says

    Who loves snacks?

  5. Marzuka Zayan Nuha says

    I just love Lily. She's so cute.

  6. claire palaganas says


  7. Big Brother Ryan says

    Mogu mogu OMG

  8. Big Brother Ryan says

    The first hack I know that hack already

  9. Why Fun Chan says

    The gum thing is dumb ass

  10. Edwin 123 says

    Ok Tinb Goollg🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️!!!!!!!

  11. Melinda Fallaria says

    There not aloud to have a drink but they can bring a phone

  12. Pixo says

    I can’t do any of these hacks because I sit next to a snitch.

  13. chae nae in says



  14. Stella Mamo says

    You guys are the best!!!

  15. paker haque says

    1:38 stop wasting soo much paper!!!!!!! I am giving this video a 👎

  16. shiblu st says

    Do you come to school for learning something or for eating…..🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🥞🍿🥗🌭🌭🍿🌮 who is agree please like here👇👇👇

  17. Gaming Harumi-san says

    You can never do this when there is A CCTV

  18. Avery Ryan says

    The phone drink one is really stupid

  19. Nusrat Jerin says

    Did she just ate the gum with the package

  20. Banya Said says

    You gays are so much funny

  21. The gum hack was my idea that I comment in one of their old video

  22. T I N A_ S E M says


  23. sheryl robles says

    0:59 best friends is the cure for everything

  24. sheryl robles says

    0:23 clumsyness is real

  25. Secondbaseman 07 says

    On the first one pull out a blade in history class😂😂

  26. Star Knight says

    Not a good idea to have your phone near liquid. That can ruin your phone.

  27. StormyTechnique says

    I first one isn’t sneaking it’s just a way for chips to stay in one place

  28. Emma Sarah says

    Wait, you said that that was all the candy you have yet you still got candy on the same day in school ?

  29. rajil hussain says

    U can just sneak juice in a waterbottle. Waterbottle are allowed in school

  30. Andrea Beckett says

    Just saying phones are not Allowed in schools

  31. Jasmines & Brenda says

    I don’t think your aloud to use phones school

  32. Jasmines & Brenda says

    I don’t think tour aloud to use blades in school…

  33. Jasmines & Brenda says

    My teacher done care if I randomly start eating in class I’m in 5 grade

  34. ST Wishing Star says

    8:46 Love you eye shadow🥰

  35. Hannah Kingston says

    I honestly don't see the point of sneaking food into class wasting time on sneaking food rather than learning

  36. Gugun Lhungdim says

    My favourite is lily and vicky

  37. Johnlee Rosete says

    First hack was useless

  38. Gwen’s Vlogs and Comedy says

    He literally took gum out a dispenser then made another dispenser for the gum

  39. Jiji Xavier says

    Please make a video with aimy and livia pleaseeeeeeee

  40. No lily like

  41. ST besties says

    y’all really just copied an entire video of wengie’s. I watch her a lot lmao this is exactly the same

  42. 2T- English says

    I love girl

  43. Haru Chan_. says

    I love when Kevin is wearing a orange juice costume

  44. Brooklyn Do says

    Is it just me or did she eat the gum wrapper too?

  45. Parm Dhillon says

    She ate with the wrapper

  46. Guy Bricker says

    Who the hell brings a knife to school

  47. fashion collection says

    Rmb cheap ah iruku

  48. Samadrita Mukherjee says


  49. Presleigh Gaudy says

    she said orange juice and it was mango juice

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