Couple Tries Dutch Candy!

Couple Tries Dutch Candy!
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  1. Wow I didn’t know Julie was allergic to milk that’s really sad

  2. Sara Vojin says

    She knows Srbija LOL😂 Ja zivim u Srbiji

  3. Abaigeal Walker says


  4. yipenburg says

    Those pigs and the cadillacs are actually really jummy!!! I'm actually dutch

  5. Laura Jansen says

    Hi azzy, im a big fan and when I was 6 I moved from Holland to canada alberta. I can still speak dutch. I came from drente

  6. kongoboom says

    Azzy and jordy translate this ik ben nederlands

  7. kongoboom says

    Pepernoot i love the pigs and the pepernooooooooot

  8. kongoboom says

    I am from durch i live in dutch i can speak dutch

  9. michelle molnar says

    I'm only 10 but I feel like I've watched u guys for e ver

  10. Mr SPIKO says

    Btw way hardbody is German not Dutch I know because I am german

  11. Rossapunk says

    Jordy was saying he's allergic to milk so he's lactose intolerant

  12. crazyesther 7 says

    I almost eat stroop wafels everyday

  13. Jennifer Lindner says

    I love piggies soooooo cuuuuute

  14. francis mazariego says

    Hi azzyland I am a big fan I love your videos your the best

  15. GamingTaale says

    my name is on the piggies!!!!. Im from the Nederlands to. THE KRUIDNOTEN ARE NOT PEPERNOTEN!!! PEPERNOTEN is other food that we use when it is sinterklaas.

  16. Maria Antonia says

    You should make an Azzy cookie and make it as merch but you can eat them

  17. Niamh and Ava says

    I think you mean straebery or grabs

  18. Caspar says


  19. Victor G. says

    Gus they put Duch not bunch

  20. arijus liutkus says

    Jordi elirgic to milk means that ur lactos and talerent

  21. megan welp says

    Jorty I can relate I can't eat milk either
    🙁 And im 9 so my bones are still growing:-(:-(

  22. Stan Verwoerd says

    I am Dutch

  23. amber sophie Koorneef says

    What is your fav. Chocolate?

  24. Trevor Black says

    Is that kowelabe

  25. meryeliss nieves says

    azzy:what do mushrooms have to do with holidays. jordan: idk i have no clue😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Fien Deboom says

    like als je Nederlands spreekt

  27. Lloyd Wahjad says

    I actually live in the netherlands

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