Couples Read Their Texts To Their Exes

Couples Read Their Texts To Their Exes
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  1. Shakthi Krishna says

    Is that madhu from filtercopy

  2. Nithya Bandi says

    Is that Madhu from Filter Copy?! She's gay??! Wow!

  3. Isn't that gay girl on filtercopy?

  4. Tara Allison says

    Isn鈥檛 that Madhu Gudi from FilterCopy?

  5. A'chik chamdamberangna maths says

    Kisiko mar padega bat me

  6. sahithi cheguru says

    Is she madhu who also works for filtercopy ??!!!!

  7. Elina behera says

    0:54 are they couple?

  8. Vatsal Agarwal says

    1:44 hey she is Madhu right ?
    I have seen her in filtercopy videos but didn鈥檛 know she was lesbian till now !!!!!

  9. rohit varma says

    Copying others video!

  10. Pallavi Kamath says

    Is she Madhu Gudi

  11. ANSH Bangtan says

    0:11 ARE THEY LESBIAN!? I HAD NO CLUE THAT WAS LEGAL IN INDIA! MY MOM SAID THAT people got @rrested for that when she was growing up there!! Good for them oml

  12. Maansi says

    The lesbian couple:
    "So we work together, not the same department.. But we'd love to. "
    "No, I wouldn't love to."
    馃槀馃槀馃槀 nailed it!!

  13. Foram Sheth says

    The girl in blue shirt sounds sooooo much like deepika padukone..

  14. Tasnim Rahman says

    is it madhu gudi in lesbian couple?!!!

  15. Be/ rose Maryminati says

    Now let the exs read the texts of their ex's current

  16. Aarya Kamat says

    Madhu's a lesbian?!

  17. Alishea Suresh says

    Buzz feed India was sooo much better then, also, where鈥檚 the Afro hair guy now? 馃槢

  18. Divjot Kaur says

    The lesbian couple is so damn cute

  19. Lakshit Verma says

    All of them are single now 馃檮

  20. Mahima Nagaraju says

    i'm subscribing just because you represented an indian lesbian this so much.

  21. Prabhuti Kshatriya says

    Its a valid question 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  22. Poosha Lok says

    tht curly hair dude 馃槏馃槏

  23. Jose Hernandez says

    The Indian Accent!

  24. kristina l says

    i love this so much idk why

  25. Megha S says

    I'm addicted to watch anything and everything comes on buzzfeed. I love how they take up light matters that normally happens in day to day life

  26. Insane Layne says

    "it's a valid question"

  27. Gracey-May O'Reilly says

    I could listen to their accents all day 馃槄鉂わ笍

  28. A P oo R V A says

    I want that lesbian hot chick to flirt with me and see if I get it

  29. PowPowMeow says

    I'll be your meat. I'll let you devour me."

  30. Meme Baz says

    Their accents are so cute


  32. grace says

    you were easy 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  33. Yash Bhilawade says

    finally a lesbian couple in one of the videos….. proud of you buzzfeed India ……kinda surprised as to why there are no negative comments from homophobic (sanskari) Indians. also a bit happy knowing that there are gay couples who aren't shy to come out in the open…….!!!

  34. Stewie Griffin says

    only indian accent

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