Couples Test Kiss-Proof Lipstick

Couples Test Kiss-Proof Lipstick
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  1. Jo says
  2. Matt King says

    Men are not allowed to wear lipstick

  3. 少女Twinkle says

    I was like tooth paste lmao

  4. 2:47 that's my mom favorite lipstick

  5. Chance Da Puppy says


  6. Alexis Frohlich says

    Comments every other video with Nina: Quit already

    Comments on this one: Nina and Chris are the cutest

  7. Ashley Johnson says

    C O L O U R P O P M A T T E

  8. Anika Janzen says


  9. Rafaela Scheiwiller says

    the maybelline one costs 16 dollars in my country…

  10. Ariana Nikki says

    i love there office its like a high school bc there are couples and its just fun

  11. Emilee Bowling says

    I can't believe they didn't try LipSense! It blows all of these out of the water!

  12. PumpkinPatchBeauty says

    jeffree star stays put for a few kisses !! 😀

  13. Sumitra Panchani says

    Chris kinda looks like Troye Sivan.

  14. Theresa Tang says

    curly hair man and chinese man is gay

  15. Ellie G says

    I had no idea Sheridan was married.

  16. BunnyFett says

    "It's all marketing lies."
    That guy knows what's up.

  17. EC DC says

    I want all the Maybelline ones esp for 8 a pop at Walmart.

  18. Nikola Ziętara says

    you should try golden rose, very cheap, beautiful and 99% kissproof

  19. TheBuddsO says

    Nina and her boyfriend are so cute!

  20. Sydney Drake says

    The guy in the blue sweatshirt kinda reminds me of Jeremy Irons?

  21. Addie Graham says


  22. Devan says

    I have the Maybelline one and I went to a buffet and the only thing that came off was the balm on the top. Highly recommend it.

  23. SpicyShiba says

    James Corden…. honestly??!

  24. lauren de says


  25. nobody says

    this video sounds really awkward for some reawson i feel like the editing wasn't great?

  26. Cantaloupe Cuties says

    Some of these look ok, they still can't compare to LipSense though. I did a YouTube video comparison between LipSense and Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lip Color, and the LipSense blows it away. I'm thinking of trying Kat Von D next.

  27. Maha Naqvi says

    they also should have tried lilly singh's bawse lipstick

  28. Ashley Guymon says

    but have you tried lipsense?? it. wont. budge.

  29. bright candy says

    guy in blue sweater kinda looks like connor franta and pewdiepie mixed together (?)

  30. Jazi Hughey says

    They should have tried Jeffree Star's liquid lip!

  31. Ethan Luu says


  32. Callee Hill says

    it's just obvious that stick lipstick isn't going to stay on.

  33. Julia Rose B says

    Did anyone else think Chris looked like Troye Sivan

  34. ItsMePhoebe says

    Just put on some Lipcote and you're good even with the cheaper lipstick…

  35. Weird Vibes says

    Sheridan is gorgeous. I love her so much.

  36. Emaroon x says

    Nina is honestly so beautiful..

  37. Geet Sharma says

    lara and Patrick dating ?

  38. Aminata N says

    Mac is the worst!

  39. Lina Telnova says

    Mares looks amazing with red lipstick on!

  40. Asuka Shiraishi says

    Patrick's shirt is really weird and cool lolz

  41. DarkSpiritMorrigan says

    A guy once kissed off my black lipstick. I haven't worn lipstick on a date since.

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