Cranberry Mule Christmas Tree Shots • Tasty

Cranberry Mule Christmas Tree Shots • Tasty
Get LIT over the holidays with layers of cranberry and vodka, with a classic Moscow mule layer in between! This Christmas tree is sure to light up your next party!

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  1. Tex Rexy says

    Not for kid 😂

  2. Olympia Epirus says

    Lots of plastic …..

  3. Bella says

    0:54 sees all the plastic

    VSCO girls: 👀 NANI!!?

  4. BS Corvin says

    Tasty must have the most bangin holiday parties

  5. Chop Happy says

    I love making fun cocktails on my channel but I’ve never add Jell-O shots! Those look so yummy! I need to make those on my channel!

  6. B K says

    I hate to be that person… but I’d love if there was a voice over for these videos.

  7. samyuktha v 9b says

    I am dam sure this is….. Rie!!!😂

  8. descending angel says

    Two shots of vodka…

  9. Miyamura Toranusuke says

    Add two shots of vodca

    Me: wlwlwlwlwlw

  10. TheWorldIsOurs2 says

    So much plastic

  11. Vaidehi Ramani says

    Please recycle those plastic cups tasty

  12. Gg Jo says

    booze isn’t aloud in my country 😹💔💔 make a vid on how to make homemade alchole

  13. KaiWut says


  14. Cut me twice says

    Everythings delicious till you find out that gelatin is made out of bones from animals that are suffering and have infections 😉

  15. Untitled says

    Now just add sprite to get sprite cranberry shots

  16. Soo art says

    Come see my Art 🙋🎨

  17. Crystal Nguyen says

    “Please drink responsibly”

    Me: Who do you think i am? A kid? ಠ_ಠ

  18. DutchessSarahJ says

    Holy crap that is an obnoxious amount of plastic waste. 🤮

  19. AdrienneStarr says

    Mmmm I want to make these

  20. Marc Lol says

    I’m planning on making bailey’s and chocolate mousse shots!

  21. Kateri [Kat] Levasseur says

    🎄🌲🎄I doubt people would actually take the time to make these…. plus Do people out there ACTUALLY like the texture of Jello Shots?🎄🌲🎄

  22. Space Lasagna says

    Ah yes, something I cannot consume because of age, yet curiosity is a thing.

  23. Vivian Ju says

    I’m so excited for the Christmas recipessss

  24. Pikachu says

    Why can’t these be non-alcoholic?

  25. Chelsy Lynn says

    Any idea without the plastic? Rather just to mason jars.

  26. Victoria Horner says

    Y’all better recycle all that plastic waste.

  27. jwang604 says

    That’s too much work for jello shots. Thanks but no thanks!

  28. 39abc93 says

    why can't you do this without a shit ton of plastic??

  29. Toni says

    For those of us allergic to vodka, wondering if white rum would work as a substitute for it.

  30. * Vanadium * says

    I feel like there is a more environmentally friendly way of achieving this. It's just lot of plastic for 1 shot.

  31. Under The Umbrella says

    I feel like you could use a clean turkey baster to fill the cups more easily!!! Just in case anyone here in the comments is making double or triple batches ☺

  32. Cheez Slise says

    That’s some light ass cranberry juice

  33. 두놈들Two Guys Recipe says

    Your cooking fantastic

  34. Valli Weidemann says

    What a disgusting waste of plastic

  35. EdwardFromYoutube says

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  36. Mom of Two Kids says


  37. 0 YodelingPickle says

    A merry mule is a moscow one

  38. Christine'sTruthScoops says

    Too much work

  39. Creamy Caramely says

    Please drink responsibly
    No one:
    Most poeple:
    Guy: Oh yes

  40. ChillyToes says

    I've only had jello shots once in my life and they are brutal LOL Be careful because they seem so safe, they're not! These should be saved for New Year's Eve when people tend to drink it up more, they could potentially ruin your Christmas celebration. Just sayin'… Tasty looking though!

  41. Lucía Ayala says

    Cringing at all that plastic. I would love it if you would promote more sustainable recipes.

  42. Crazy Mario says

    Vsco girls are poisoning the comments now

  43. ღ_MONIδUE_ღ BRγ_ says

    Its all fun and games until a kid accidentally eats one of these jellos

    ↪i've experienced↩

  44. yasss plasticc😍😍

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