Craziest BACKYARDS You Wish You Had

Craziest BACKYARDS You Wish You Had
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  1. Idk Umm says


  2. Dorotea Grozev says

    Other People: Look at me I have a large backyard

    Me: I don’t even have a backyard and you over here are doing crazy things in your huge backyard

    No I do not live in a apartment

    Yes I live in a house with no backyard

    Like if you feel bad for me

  3. Kamry Weeks says

    I will

    In your dreams

  4. Edna Tiznado says

    I would absolutely play outside every time if I had any of these backyards

  5. Gary Spain says


  6. Jen Fleming says

    i have a play ground out my back

  7. Abagail Mestas says

    There back yards are as big as my back yard

  8. Kathy Kelly says

    YouTube is red Twitter is blue u can like because it is true

  9. Da roblox Gal says

    The first o e dos not have a home for my rat and I don ‘t have a dog

  10. josue plays minecraft says

    I wish I had grandpa

  11. Solita García says

    I need the Harry Potter tree house

  12. Hillary The light ninja says

    Azzy:thiss grandpa is so cool he built a roller coster in his back yard. Me: MY GRANDPA HAS GUNS AND DRONES

  13. Itz XxWolfie_YTxX says


  14. Itz XxWolfie_YTxX says


  15. Ootie ! says

    These people are so frisking SPOILT

  16. Jay the GermanShepherd says

    Hidden pool so it can be safe during winter fall and all

  17. Kpop Deprived says

    7:00 Goes for you VSCO girls out there

  18. Lorenc bossi says

    My hous is 54k denars and its really good

  19. Lia Choo says

    oh the things u can think

  20. Rosie Besco says

    I love Azzy's videos!!!!!!!

  21. Sarah Pedrazzini says

    Okay, don't judge, but when I saw the moving hidden pool thing I thought: Would if a murderer drowned a person in their hidden pool that nobody knew about, and nobody ever found the people killed, because they would just be bobbing around lifeless in his pool?

  22. Puppy Plays says

    I would just combine all of them and then I would have such a BIG backyard

  23. Mickey Wickey says

    i put a trampoline on the ground

  24. You say taronto is expensive well singapore is hella expensive like you broke here things are expensived if you come singapore dont bring long sleve tshirts ok bring short pants and t shirtssingapore summer forever someday rain like 1 or 2 times

  25. Emily Rose says

    I hate Unicorns

  26. JAYCIE SEIPEL says

    #2 (the tree house) is like five times bigger than my real house

  27. Good Llama says

    I know someone who has a trampoline in the ground like that

  28. Win Slender says


  29. Matilda Tirant says

    We have giant chest at Glenwood Public School

  30. Kid Perfect says

    My neighbors have a full hockey rink in their backyard

  31. Kat Dog says

    How cute

  32. wilbur1982 says


  33. Sayeed Qureshi says

    …but also it saves space

  34. Sophia Jensen says

    Give me a like if Harry Potter is better than the hobbit

  35. Sarah Grey says

    rosese are red vilots are blue am i dead then you are too

  36. Gacha Suki says


  37. Gacha Army says

    My friend has a rock climbing wall in there HOUSE

  38. Ash Chidz says

    I have a pool and but this is insane

  39. CokaKoda says

    i wish i had a back yard like them

  40. Tavia Del Águila says

    You're the best YouTuber Azzy

  41. Brooke Mcclellan says

    I have my own beach at my house and live on 180 acres

  42. Zoe Cui says


  43. daisysmiles7 says

    I love you azzy I watch your videos every day

  44. Phoebe Smythe says

    My sister would move the grass over the pool so I would fall into the water

  45. DeAnna Terry says

    Other people: My backyard is SOOOOOOO huge!!
    Me:I dont even have a backyard…

  46. leo Fletcher says

    i do rock climbing and i know that is not rock climbing like if you do rock climbing

  47. Ida Lewis says

    The first one will you like flip into The pool

  48. bravoandallhisgirls says


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