CRAZIEST PLAYGROUNDS You Wont Believe Exist ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and …

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  1. SugaXTofu says

    2:02 ey i was on one of them in croatia! 😀

  2. Zeng Zhifang says

    Changi airport?!?

  3. That80sGuy1972 says

    How are you a full-grown educated woman and loving such innocent things? You are a positive light the entire world needs.

  4. Ibtisam Hassan says

    A park is close to my house and they have this swing lol 4:50

  5. Evita Evitoula says

    I don't know if you'll believe me but I have this water playground

  6. Ella Go says

    The Airport at singapore erm….I am in singapore and I didnt see one of those

  7. Celine Arslan says

    I think azzy gowing in the craziest playgrounds from the video picture

  8. Fortnite boss C says

    When you said “taste the rainbow “ I literally hade a bag of skittles write in front of me 😂

  9. Mandi Lim Jia Xin says

    I played at the slide

  10. Feline van Wel says

    Iv been at the net place when i was 4

  11. Mandi Lim Jia Xin says

    I saw the slide

  12. T man Tenk says

    I got stuck in the parent kid swing when I was 8 we called the fire department to get me out my blood stoped moving

  13. Mandi Lim Jia Xin says

    I live in Singapore lol

  14. Rosey gamez says

    I was on the big net kinda scary

  15. Rosey gamez says

    I was on a inflatible playground ir was so cool.

  16. BetaXJessicaX says

    No offense

  17. BetaXJessicaX says

    You look kinda weird with lipstick on

  18. Accent Coin Lover HD says

    The nets are in every Aussie playground

  19. Shan Wolfx says

    2:09 i went there!

  20. Pina Balgos says


  21. Aritrika cat says

    You are the best Azzy 😋😉

  22. saba khachvani says

    azzy pleasე watch kaya mango

  23. Ryan Holloway says

    That one with the wheelchair playground is a part of the celebration Park

  24. Tahlia Kinnell says

    Omg I went on that slide in Singapore!

  25. Sakura Kurata Maeda says

    Azzy I've gone all the way up that net and I had to shout for my whole family to notice. I was too fast to one saw me do it. If you wanna do that i recommend the middle theres enough nets there

  26. Dylan Bleignier-baker says

    My friend had gotten stuck in a baby swing and we had to call fire fighters XD

  27. foley moley says

    I’ve been down that slide, you get your bags taken down for u

  28. Icy Cat says

    Love you azzy!!!!

  29. Reading Corner says

    The pyramid net or spider web is n9t safe at my school more than 20 kids fell off and broke there arms

  30. Phoebe Yeong Kai Lin says

    Ok Azzyyyyy as I’m a singaporean so basically the bags are all already checked in that means you don’t have them in your hands anymore so Ye that’s how you go down the slide

  31. Popflower Gacha says

    the giant net thing

  32. Popflower Gacha says

    Azzy i think that's in my home country Poland because i remember being there before

  33. Kion Us says

    Azzyland: OMG its insane
    Me an australian: this is just daily

  34. Brianna Briget says

    The one that is said is a playground of nets and your the spider we have one like it in my town

  35. Dog cat Gacha god says

    Love you azzy 😆😆💕💕💕🤩🤩

  36. Ella Walker says

    I live in singapore!!!!!

  37. Ifa Ali says

    In maldives we have this 1 like 1 RIDE IN THE NET

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