CRAZIEST SCHOOLS You Wont Believe Exist

CRAZIEST SCHOOLS You Wont Believe Exist
CRAZIEST SCHOOLS You Wont Believe Exist SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to …

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  1. Victoria Martin says

    Btw you look 6 so you lookin cute

  2. Lena says

    My school doesn't have a playground it has a field with dead grass and dirt.

  3. John-Giang Tran says

    see me in rolbox i im makayla i im a gril

  4. Cami B says

    i been in germany

  5. CyberWolf 9 says

    You are so pretty without make up like yaaasss queen

  6. ItsFunneh Fan says

    Where’s these schools I wanna go there!!!!!!!!Im in Guam tho so sad ;-;

  7. Elianna StMartin says

    At the beginning of the video I was like what did azzy do with her makeup because she looked beautiful

  8. Kelly Markey says

    Azzy: i hope its not a chello Me: i play the chello XD

  9. Jo Garcia says


  10. Xxlilianaaa and morexX says

    Azzy u look like a cute little kid lol!

  11. Bobbye McDaniel says

    There’s a slide in my school at Bristow

  12. Kate Raleigh says

    Wait do you Are 27

  13. music monster says

    It's a gutar

  14. Violet says

    Me and my friends got BANNED from the sand pit at our school cause we brought in too much sand.

  15. SKY Positive Minds says

    Azzy you look like QUEEN of YouTube without makeup

  16. im an akward person ZOE says

    Hey azzy look my daughter needs a school in singapore so tell what thats called

  17. lps rose194 tv says

    you look nice sorry i'm late

  18. Seryne Ben Khadda says


  19. Seryne Ben Khadda says


  20. Stimpy longaim says

    5:59 you already had a pen in your hair

  21. Ian Kammerman says


  22. Lindani Dlamini says

    I think you look beautiful with out makeup😻😻😻

  23. BolanIs - YT says

    Azzy your so pretty and your my idol, literaly. Your pretty with or without makeup. ❤

  24. Yerdua Rekrap says

    Idk this but
    I think I should make a band
    I’m good at guitar
    My friend Max is good at the flute
    My crush is good at the piano
    Should we..?

  25. Linlin Qie says

    When I was in China in pre pre pre preschool we had to go to sleep.If we didn’t, we would get punished and I got punished a lot because I was always to energetic to sleep.By the way I was only 2 years old.

  26. The Tuesday Talk show says

    OMG!!!! She said NIGERIA! MY COUNTRY!!!!(You would NOT understand my happiness unless you r from Nigeria)
    ( 0 0 )

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