CRAZIEST Vending Machines Around The World !

CRAZIEST Vending Machines Around The World !
CRAZIEST vending machines around the world! Enter code AZZY for 30% off your Onesie: Shop Onepiece products: Teddy Pink Onesie: …

Source AzzyLand
  1. Jennifer Francis says

    “ I want to buy a car just to get it out of a vending machine”


  2. Zeren Smith says

    YouTube creator this awesome has great videos good job

  3. waleed abdelrahman ahmed says

    I hate watching azzy land

  4. let's go bananas says

    What is azzy wearing

    Oh I just get the sponsor aaww I kind of want one

  5. swisha sweets98 says

    Ur videos make me happy , you're so cute 😍

  6. Isobel Bancks says

    At 8:44 a pop up ad appeared on her hands 😂

  7. Midnight Howlers says

    This vid just posted and there is already fourteen k

  8. Jenny Flower says

    I have anxiety and depression 😪, but I love u so much Azzy u make me happy. I don’t like going to school because my anxiety and my teacher knows this and let’s me sit in the very back 😪 I wish I could be normal
    U make me happy though ♥️

  9. Chantal O'Brien says

    Me: what do I want from a vending machine …!? Yummm!

  10. K.R. Blake says

    My parent dont have that much money and I really really been wanting a computer and I love u azzy
    My contact is my email

  11. Emily C. says

    youre in youtube rewind

  12. Betsy Schildt says

    Hey lets get a Car WITH A HUGE COIN! me) Ok ill buy a car for you -Azzy) Rubs hands together* Oh wat types. . . . me)

  13. Joseph Moynihan says

    4:30 lol my favorite one XD

  14. Evelyn Hicks says

    Azzy last time i was at an airport there was like a motorcycle vending machine and it was for Maybe only $10-$20 to rent one.

  15. Rman Nayr says

    WOW THAT PIZZA!!!!!!!!

  16. Rman Nayr says


  17. Jinjer Schmittinger says

    420 Azzy slams into door pretending nothing happened

  18. Mya Manning says

    “If I can do it than a vending machine can do it too”
    -Assy 2019

  19. Campbell White says

    Aztecs trust me hotdogs can be done wrong, I melted a hotdog

  20. XxAwkwardPuffxX says

    "You don't have to find a vending machine, THEY FIND YOU." – Azzy

  21. Jonie Korendam says

    You are the best azzy😊😊

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