Crazy Coincidences That Happen ONCE In A Lifetime

Crazy Coincidences That Happen ONCE In A Lifetime
Crazy Coincidences That Happen ONCE In A Lifetime SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and …

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  1. Gaurav Kumar says

    How's your school days

  2. Aud3ywithyou Plays says

    This is how many times Azzy said what are the chances?

  3. Arifa Khanom says

    Is that from zorro

  4. Feathered Lion says

    That god one is like that annoying guy in my class and he said there was gonna be lightning, of course I believed that because it was raining a bit, but then he pointed to the sky and thunder strikes down. ;-;

  5. Karen Bennett says


  6. The H Show says

    i have seen this

  7. Jaxcy Plays says

    0:06 Or that hat is a paid actor xD

  8. Elsa Santos says

    im a big fan if you are a fan of azzyland like

  9. French Bunny says

    Hello fellow Azzylanders!
    I'm trying to get to 100 subscribers! Mind helping me out? Thanks! 😊

  10. José Gondim says

    X 2

  11. Rman Nayr says

    ONCE IN AWHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Rman Nayr says


  13. myricle Productions says

    5:13 everyone on the last day of school.

  14. Chevere Reza says

    i ever do the uno game one and it works

  15. A Random Chanel says

    Is me making a shape, out of shapes, in a shapes class, with out even trying a crazy coincidence ??

  16. Sarah Trask says

    can you add me on roblox im splatpuppy7

  17. Caro Orizava says

    You Said my name “Destiny “ but add a n in the middle of ny and it’s Destinny

  18. Mimi Love says

    To all those haters of azzyland I hate u and don't like this comment

  19. Jaylen Scott says

    Are you more of a dog person or a cat person

  20. Slytherin Boss says

    I needed to say one thing before I left:

    Azzy, your makeup looks lovely today 💄

  21. gianna skroski says

    4:58 the eight ball is a magic eight ball but rarely and naturally

  22. Sakura Elfie says

    Love you Izzy
    Get well soon

  23. Ava Gregg says

    Tiny girl been pocketes

  24. alexcia sant says

    Azzyland please watch gacha life

  25. augee78 says


  26. Andrea Christina says

    0:57 ummmm it’s called a gutter😂

  27. ASHE Franklin says

    It’s not point 99 emails, it’s how people in other countries do their commas. So it’s really 99,999

  28. Ian Hanson says

    These people r talented.

  29. Duskee says

    The stranger twins are doppelgängers

  30. Melody the Wind up says

    My grandfather drove straight through the center of a rainbow.. I wish i was there T-T

  31. R&T Family says

    The girls that was proposing to each other was at the Memphis zoo. It was the cutest thing . I was there to witness it at the gate.😂 Now, that a concidence.

  32. Joseph Rosario says

    My friend through the basketball it missed hit the wires behind the backboard and it swished in we were 2v2 we were like 😱😱😱

  33. Breanna Colfax says

    Thanos is that you man

  34. Joseph Rosario says

    Btw stranger twins are doppelgängers and there is an app you can get ur picture on you are looking at during same time and the upside down water bottle is called capping it

  35. Arielle Baldessari says

    Helloooooooooo. Azzyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
    Can't you go to the USA one day so I can meet you?
    Please make a vidio responding my question and tell me wen you are going😄😄😄

  36. Foodfcff Gfgfgvb says

    Who thows oranges?????

  37. Wolfie And Foox says

    2:372:49 Who are they? Jason Grace? Thalia Grace? ((I hpe you guys got the joke becuase if not imma cry))

  38. Puppy Lover says

    Azzy watching a kid do a cool flip, and not paying attention and says, "that lightning is scary"

  39. Elizabeth Olvera says

    I have anxiety on dogs 🐕

  40. Cherry Mundy says

    That “little lane” is a gutter, azzy

  41. Elizabeth Olvera says

    I have exieaty of 🐕

  42. Kitty Lover907 says


  43. Kimorah Montgomery says

    2:23 that basketball player is Giannis Antetokounmpo look him up just enter Giannis

  44. DoN't ToUcH mAh OrEoS says

    Azzy was….


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