CRAZY Stop Motion Cooking & ASMR

CRAZY Stop Motion Cooking & ASMR
CRAZY Stop Motion Cooking & ASMR – VIDEOS I REACTED TO: …

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  1. AD_Llama 09 says

    Azzy: Don't go eating straws guys

    Turtles: T o o L a t e

  2. LSA Boss says

    Azzy you’re in YouTube rewind

  3. Phea Run says

    I know first you

  4. Grant Girls says

    0:33 Trypophobia at its finest

  5. Alaia 's world of candy says

    Azzy your were in the YouTube rewind 🍫 chocolate for azzy 😊

  6. Abbie Genito says

    Hai frens

    And I know how to spell but… HAI

  7. X- Craftz says

    Top 10 Azzy!!
    Top 10!!!

  8. Irene Moodley says

    I'll on holiday and there is a wasp I AM SCARED I'll tell you if I live

    I like one= one more year I'll live

  9. shdw clone says

    at 0:4 i showed my little bro and he went to eat string

  10. kristina gopez says

    Can we still do #askazzy??🤔🤔

  11. Elizabeth Stevens says

    What’s wrong with her face

  12. mrtiktokkid says

    Azzy i LOVE U BEFORE EVEN 2018 UR THE BEST UR FUNNY KIND I LOVE U PLSSS HEART ME OR PIN M i know ur not gonna do it but PLSSSSS COMMENT PLSSSS IF U DO IT this is gonna be the best day ever i love u azzy pls notice this comment ur the best 😳💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  13. Saleem Shaikh says

    Those gloves were sausages

  14. Gracie Grace says

    2sp di

  15. Aman Manchanda says

    Azzy I know all those stop motion videos

  16. Gracie Grace says


  17. Oscar Ragus says

    i do

  18. Stephanie Wairimu says

    because he. edit it

  19. Channary Chhoy says

    I really like your vids

  20. Farah Doumet says

    After 8:56 minutes I'm still like… what did i just watch 😐

  21. Ayesha Mohsin says

    Please get a bog

  22. I like Tacos says

    Me: watching azzy

    My parents: what are you watching

    Me: shows video

    My parents: that what we eat in my day

    Me: you ate string

    My parents: wait the string?

  23. Desiree Yang says

    Azzy!! You made it into TOP ten for viewed youtubers in the YouTube rewind for 2019!!congrats to you!!

  24. Judith Bontor says

    Me i now it before you

  25. callmeKatherine! UwU says


  26. gemma adam says

    Azzy wear is gloom

  27. musikoyo kadima says

    Hi azzy please reply to my comments congratulations

  28. caticorns love says

    Love you azzy

  29. Eloise JAMES says

    Azzy: Everything is good with sauce.
    Me: Even sauce?

  30. caticorns love says


  31. JOE FORD says

    Congratulations AzzyLand

  32. MINI GAMER says

    Someone tell Azzy on Twitter she as to react to the Mosasaurs VS the meg. Thxx

  33. alex_gamer 132 says

    "nevermind, its a beast(with a mrbeast face)

    Me:you did not just do that

  34. Djangkaru Bumi says

    the video is really amazing
    I like it very much
    I'm hungry

  35. Rajan The Gamer says

    Good job Azzy for 1.6 billion views

  36. Aica-Chan Playz says

    They dont have real foods

  37. Puteri Alesya says

    I'm so proud of you Azzy….keep going girl……By the ways, I'm you big fan.

  38. Xxbeastly gamingxX says

    Well done azzy about the YouTube rewind!

  39. Lucas Baldwin says

    Good job azzy for makeing in to youtube rewind

  40. Wild child Warren says

    When as azzy said I said has broken a tooth my tooth fell out when I was eating my toast

  41. 5 soders there soda says

    Ya I Said HECK by accident and she definitely made me taste those words

  42. Karolina Lach says


  43. scarlet plays roblox says

    Your are in Youtube rewind as the most best and viewed channel!! we love you and we are proud of you❤

  44. Ohoud ajabnoor says

    Azzy can you play a game called start survey

  45. lia z says

    Azzy plz react to tik tok people that related or look alike famous people

  46. Rula Zaidan says


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