Creamy Chicken Piccata

Creamy Chicken Piccata
Watch how Rie made this dish without knowing the ingredients: Get the recipe: …

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  1. Salwa Alqattan says

    I made it it WAS GOLD

  2. John Lukacs says

    such a waste of flour

  3. Alexsis Johnson says


  4. CREK RiFt says

    No need for the cream

  5. Reeth Mitra says

    What could I use instead wine?? I want to make it for little cousins.

  6. velazquez armouries says

    I am the great cornholio
    I need piccata for my bunghole

  7. Fake_Worldmercy says

    What happens if you don’t put white wine

  8. Raaghad_T says

    Can i do it with out this wine thing ??

  9. Mairah Shahab says

    What can I use instead of white wine

  10. Khadija Sarfraz says

    No seasoning at all. Yikes 😶😡

  11. Julie Devine says

    I tried this tonight, the family loved it! I don't care for capers so I roasted grape tomatoes in the oven and added it to the sauce as a substitute. 10/10 recommend!!! And it actually was so easy to make!

  12. Chris Fizzle says

    Cream in chicken piccata!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  13. Style Girl says

    You should cut the chicken up and put the pasta in the pan with the cream stuff and put Parmesan cheese in it that would be good too

  14. Kyra Monteith says

    Made this tonight’s! It was great!

  15. Michaelp52 says

    The "OH..YES!" is so perfect at the end of your videos!!!

  16. Hugo Hugo says

    Oh black people👌

    My brother/sister😂

  17. King beat Hhh says

    I bet this was done by kiano

  18. Very Good Boy says

    Started off so good but ended with chicken boiled in salty milk 🙁

  19. *DETAY * says


  20. Iqra Khalid Zakariah says

    Any subsitutes for white wine? Pls let me know.

  21. Asiah Unique says


  22. Mudkeps says

    1:27 why is there one massive caper

  23. Fabíola Cardoso says

    Ótimo, perfeito, maravilhoso!

  24. Aryanna Tries says

    I made this…… lets just say… it wouldnt come off of the pan

  25. Brian Revels says

    Added the garlic to soon its burnt at the end

  26. Luisa Martínez says

    Yo viendo esto a las 7 a.m con un hambre que te cagas.😂

  27. diandra odom says

    So no one noticed that this song is from one of those games that you make your own choices? 😂😂

  28. yagami lite says


  29. Zeuses Coven says

    Tf are capers

  30. Richard Krishendath says

    They didt season chicken and what is chicken stock

  31. Anna H1895 says

    Of all the cross section cuts I’ve seen, this is by far the saddest, most flaccid, disappointing, “why’d I shave my legs for this” bullshit cuts ever to be posted on the Internet.

  32. Rashid_Senpaiii says

    Can I put water instead of wine? Because iam Muslim.

  33. Kronome says

    Those cappers legit looked like bunny poo

  34. Andy J says

    It looks delicious. What type of white wine do you suggest for this recipe?

  35. Tex Rexy says

    That's look overcook tho

  36. Jennifer Mason says

    Oooh I’m gonna try this one.

  37. Jayla Mackenzie says

    how can you not put seasoning on chicken???

  38. MTAL eats says

    ily! delicious

  39. Deborah Nimley says

    has tasty ever heard of seasoning their chicken with things other than salt and pepper

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