CREEPIEST Things Found in Forests !

CREEPIEST Things Found in Forests !
CREEPIEST Things Found in Forests ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. pixelated gamer1234 says

    I was in a movie called "The last brides made"😊😊😊

  2. Marlene White says

    Those aren't cobwebs those were made by caterpillars I've learned it at School

  3. Jayx 09 says

    Thos webs ar from a bug that does it every year before winter so it's not a spider ☺️☺️🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😏😏😏

  4. Jasmyn Keenoy says

    I once saw a MPH thing and a steering wheel in the woods with friends

  5. Taylor Nelson says

    The part where azzy said money does grow on trees I thought about when my friend told me
    Kid mom can I have thirty dollars
    Mom what! Do you think im made of money
    Kid I thought that was what mom stand for
    Made Of Money mom

  6. Edna Tiznado says

    Minute 6:13 it’s a plate grave yard

  7. Edna Tiznado says


  8. Jon dilisa says

    I Saul a banded bird house

  9. Crystal Hernandez says

    I spent a lot of time in the woods
    And I found a man

  10. random stuff says

    The house is slender mans

  11. little wolfie wisk says

    6:54 it was a run sign but someone painted hands under it

  12. Melody Durham says

    My grandpa once found a human skull 💀 with blood stains and a few miles a way a big gun

  13. Melody Durham says

    Azzy I’m running 🏃‍♀️ can I please stop now I’m getting cramps 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Thor-Oskari XD V Laakso says


  15. Cut Sherana says

    I love fairies this is how many people believe in fairies 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️

  16. Pam Benjamin says

    One time I saw a really big dog at night I was hunting it was like 5 feet tall I ran when it looked at me I ran about 6 to 8 miles lol left my gun next morning it had a dog scratch not any dog scratch it was a really big scratch omg I was to scared

  17. star 32001 says

    The boot could be the boot from the old woman that is not scared

  18. Brock Hemsley says

    i am running!!!

  19. Steve Hoffman says

    check out kirby please azzy

  20. *gacha wolfie*¿? says

    2:11 is that docter who?

  21. Bryson Foshee says

    Azzy:That is perfectly good food!

    Me:For rabbits

  22. itz princess blade says

    That house in the woods is Slenderman's house who aggrie with me?

  23. Amber Lewis says

    That stone staircase that leads to nowhere is actualy from a building long ago that burned down and took a family with it, its located on a walking trail on a mountain, i have been their 2 times

  24. Riley Mcbeth says

    Woods it nearly killed me

  25. Riley Mcbeth says

    I found a bear in the woids

  26. milagros DURAN says

    Some movies are not real

  27. Pokémon Animations says

    Azzy! The carrot one you forgot about the puppy!

  28. Robert Lozada says

    Im disturb by azzy's necklace

  29. a i m y d says

    azzy: how do you lose just one shoe ?
    me: i don’t know .. ask cinderella .

  30. Gina Guillaume-Joseph says

    3:38 Kermit is that you?

  31. Gina Guillaume-Joseph says

    2:38 there was just a super rich bear living there

  32. Aussie Lazar says

    i have a private camping property that me and my family go to. One day i took one of my friends along, for some reason we decided to walk through the bushes. suddenly we started smelling a rotten smell, like as if something was dead. We walked a bit further then we reached one of our motorbike tracks, then there was the fence, on the other side was an upside down dead cow under a log. It was very freaky.

  33. Vasile Pop says

    The mask was a haker mask just saying

  34. bannanapaj banbanapaj says

    I was in the forest with some friends end we waked arund two and two. And we find a little camp with alot of things in it and we was terifide then the otther two started frow things on the trees and then they schreemd and lauhgt at uss. Sorry my English is not that good

  35. Fireninja1000 Gaming says

    Lol she earns o money by extending her outro to 10mins haha

  36. Pink animations! says

    One time I was on a ski lift and then I looked down and I saw people’s bras on a tree

  37. Tyrell Chetty says

    Don't. Talk that. About p

  38. Summer Lindeman says

    I've loved most of these pictures so far, especially the abandoned cemetery, I got some inspiration to draw with, and it would be so cool for a photo shoot!

  39. Summer Lindeman says


  40. Thomas Monteith says

    A doll moving

  41. Thomas Monteith says

    Can you make these less scary

  42. Jeff The killer says

    One time I was in the woods with my old (in age) friend and she was like a mother to me. But anyway we saw a cave we wanted to check it out but when we got there, there were human bones. And it was TERAFYING

  43. xXSnow BerryXx says

    In our woods we have an abandoned barn with writing all over it and a rope that used to have a noose hanging from the top of the first floor
    It also used to have an abandoned asylum and there is this blocked off area that wasnt blocked off before that had a preserved part of the asylum. The part that they'd put the bodies after people die I believe. And it's so dark not even a flashlight could help
    The old asylum was huge
    You can see bits and pieces of it everywhere

  44. preston s says

    I seen a animal skeleton

  45. Paul says

    Area 51 is actually called Nevada Security Center.

  46. Ehthayou Soe says

    1:29 tarzans only

  47. Colin Christensen says

    Asseyland: seen this in the middle of the night

    Me: fu** this shi** I’m out

  48. Swilver foxeh says

    That house…. I wanna go in it >:3
    Also ever since I was a smol kid I’ve been terrified of spiders

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