Crispy Chicken Teriyaki Rice Balls

Crispy Chicken Teriyaki Rice Balls
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  1. Lisa’s Little World says

    Does tasty have to make everything unhealthy??

  2. Peri Dorkster says

    Gonna so start making rice balls

  3. Zac says

    oh yeah yeah

  4. Lily White says

    Did anyone taste this? Does it taste good? I want to make this but I want to know other people’s opinions. Well, I heard that there seems to be too much salt, so how can I make it less salty? (I haven’t made it yet tho)

  5. Shruti Roy says

    For a kind of healthier alternative towards the end can u bake it instead of frying it?

  6. kristie says

    So the song. Any one know that?

  7. theninthofjanuary says

    These videos are way too long now

  8. Reina Arana says

    I love chicken teriyaki
    Now I want some

  9. Aaliyah Rogers says

    I'm so hungry but I don't want to get up to make something😿

  10. Ray Boden says

    Im guessing that entire meal just tastes like Soya sauce then…..?….

  11. Cuemilla A says

    ifeel like every tasty recipe seems like its over salted

  12. Hermione Granger says

    I love rice, but I probably eat it too often :/

  13. Matteo Pavone says

    Why you don't go at master chef programme?!😂😂

  14. negusdawoo says

    What oil are u using to fry

  15. Asha James says

    What is mirin, and where can I get it?

  16. Panda_Boy5825 says

    In what did you frie that?

  17. •Kat• says

    The fuck is white pepper? No joke I’ve never heard of that 😂

  18. Malayna Stevenson says

    I tried this and my my rice balls fell apart it tasted good though

  19. vetetae says

    so i ending up making this and ngl IT WAS BOMB AF. i didn’t put at much salt as the recipe said and instead of frying it i baked it bUT LEMME TELL Y’ALL THIS THE BEST CRAVING FOOD I’VE EVER MADE

  20. Daja Edwards says

    Will definitely be making this soon

  21. Naldiano says

    Lemper ini the next level

  22. Rail says

    Saying Panko and Breadcrumbs is like

    (Pan = bread. Ko = dust/crumbs.)
    "Breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs"

  23. [FLF] AltairFingLing says

    My mouth is watering

  24. Nesha Britwood says

    Looks good. But a little less salt.

  25. mixll says


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