Cucumber Subs 4 Ways

Cucumber Subs 4 Ways
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  1. honestly stop- says

    Screw if it's healthy, have any of you actually TRIED THIS? It's fucking delicious

  2. I can’t wait to try this

  3. Galaxy Joey says

    Why dis in da tasty vegetarian playlist. Dere r meat

  4. Fatih Yildiz says

    One of these dishes looks like a poke-ball

  5. Dmac 740 says

    More like cut it and have cucumber sushi

  6. Frickle Frackle says

    joanna ceddia anyone?

  7. Adrian Ghandtchi says

    This looks really cool, I want to try this.

  8. Olivia Carling says

    @joana ceddia

  9. Umberto Arrigotti says

    Like lasagna is made of pasta a sub is made of bread. Something with no pasta cannot be a lasagna. Something with no bread cannot be called a sub. Please change title

  10. Tea King says

    Omg as a vegetarian i came here because its supposed to be a cucumber video not meat video 😑

  11. Tea King says

    These sure are some THICC cucumbers

  12. Rly Ok says

    god has left the chat

  13. Asmaul Husna Shampa says

    excuse me what the fuck

  14. S Robin Dittrich says


  15. xXLunaSunXx says

    Can I substitute the cucumber for bread orrrrrrrrr

  16. Holly Fankhauser says

    Except for roastbeef, which I abhor, there is some major YUMness going on here!

  17. Matthew Nunes says

    What the actual hell is this. This is awful.

  18. zaygocrazy zay says

    Saw this on fb earlier and just tried it I'm in love

  19. Hadhoodi Hafez says

    Where's the labneh with dried thyme and olive oil?

  20. Usera Naem says

    What.. The..

  21. Denise Galiano says


  22. Mal says

    I made the turkey bacon guac and it was really good

  23. Kristin A says

    I actually tried it and guess what?? It doesnt fuckin work, everything gets all soggy, shits coming out the other end and it came all over my hands. Taste was ok, but just make a salad with the ingredients

  24. Kiernan E says

    Everyone saying how this isn’t a sub or is just a salad well this is great for people myself that can’t have grains

  25. SparkleMePurple says

    Great low carb option !

  26. y tho says

    Who the hell eats an entire cucumber

  27. 「Maya 」 says

    Time to make a healthy lunch!
    cuts cucumber
    adds mayo, mustard
    adds a bunch of bacon and shit


  28. Iker Demian Leal Arenas says


  29. tapeworms george says

    this looks nasty as hell

  30. Wafae Mhaouech says


  31. AceTheMemeLorde says

    Okay, I get the reasoning behind it. If you're trying to cut down on carbs, I guess it's an okay alternative. But that's not gonna stop me from asking, what kind of white people bullshit is this? Fuck, I'm white, and I can't wrap my head around it. I can see this, especially the one with the mustard and mayo, being a disgusting, watery, mess. I'm sorry, but there's got to be a better way.

  32. Salted Snail says

    If anyone's wondering, they cut off only part of the skin because it tastes bitter, but it's nice to keep SOME on because it's very nutritious

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