Cute & Easy Braided Hairstyles For School

Cute & Easy Braided Hairstyles For School
Hey lovelies! I hope you guys like these hairstyles and find this tutorial helpful! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave this video a thumbs up! – Roxi KWICKIE: …

Cute & Easy Braided Hairstyles For School. #Cute #Easy #Braided #Hairstyles #School
Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Natasha Rivera says

    U talk to much

  2. Mah Noor says

    I like this hairstyle 3:24

  3. Angieee says
  4. Keiry Hernandez says

    Porque hablas solo inglés no entiendo lo que dices pero los peinados están lindos

  5. cintia lizeth says

  6. rashida7777 says

    1. You are a pretty young lady.
    2. Your braids look FANTASTIC!

  7. Clara Louise says

    These are stunning hairstyles! Thanks for sharing x

  8. M_ Umair says


  9. Trysten Beltran says

    Can we switch hairs???

  10. dib billel says

    It's so beautiful and very beautiful thank you Roxxsaurus

  11. shakeel ahmad says

    1:48 video starts ( skip intro(

  12. Lavender 1000 says

    Also your lucky because you have lighter and straighter hair and you can actually see how nice it is as for me I have dark brown hair

  13. Lavender 1000 says

    I can't believe I'm just watching this now your are so helpful thank you so much

  14. belkhir doudi says

    Very nice

  15. Noveen Ahmad says

    Did anyone else hear a dog bark at 3: 45?

  16. -Kookie- says

    I love your hair it’s an amazing colour and it looks so nice

  17. Mariam Ahmed says

    you should do more hairstyle videos // i love themmm

  18. Jessica silva says

    Your hair is soooooo pretty!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Is that your natural hair colour?
    I’d love to have that hair color!!,

  19. Ci Gee says
  20. Shilpi Kumari says

    I love your hair .I want the same

  21. BaRbiE TooNs says

    hi roxie

  22. Cutesadlife says

    Pareces un elfo

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