Cute/Edgy Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Cute/Edgy Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial
Happy Valentine’s day !! for some of you who’s been with me for more than a year you guys will know that on my every Valentine’s day makeup tutorial I always …

Cute/Edgy Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial
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  1. NamjOOnew says

    Ya'll, She doesn't actually have a Twin Its just her edited in. She even confirmed it in many comments. She does her twin skit in Her valentine's videos.

  2. Rehana Begum says

    You look like a Anime door. You are my dool

  3. Dxwxy says

    눈이 너무 묘하게 생겼어요 ㅠㅠ 너무 이뻐유 ,,,,,…. 완전 내가 원하는 눈 ,,,,,…

  4. 후후 says


  5. Ohxunqi9 _exo says

    She resembles Park shin hye…..

  6. ELLA MARI says

    You look like Sora.

  7. Omg you look like IU

  8. nimrkh ! says


  9. Daira Martin says

    Wow, I got your beautiful 💜 I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen 💜

  10. Wth she keeps getting beautiful each passing day! Sis please tell us your serets!

  11. SAMUEL MOUNCE says

    "Hey Idubbz here back with anothet episode of content cop"

  12. Spoon Clank says

    idubbbz wants to know your location

  13. Miss_Smiley1 Vermeulen says

    What was the intro?

  14. ああ says


  15. Inlove Here says

    Wow so beautiful

  16. nya nya says


  17. Isabel Meade says

    where did u get your glasses from?

  18. Fabiola Macias says

    Can you do a tutorial of your hair style in this videos?

  19. Ya Boi Diglett says

    "I'm not cute. I'm a tough, edgy man"

  20. Annah A. says

    How did u do ur hair… It's beautiful 👌😍😍

  21. Victoria val says

    Que color de pinta uñas usas?

  22. Елена Нгуен says

    its makeup is very cute. I like it!

  23. Komal Zia says

    Her voice and even her looks, are sooo similar to Venessa Hughens!

  24. La Pepita says

    JAJSKAJAJ XD so cute and funny

  25. nora mousa says

    i love it i am gonna do that makeup tomorrow inchae llah 💗💖😍💕

  26. Hồng Lê says

    You look like Ngọc Trinh in Viêt Nam

  27. Mia Cortesse says

    Don't get me wrong. The make-up is really pretty. But I think it's such a waste. She has such a beautiful skin. I'm sure the daily skin care routine is enough. Her natural beauty doesn't need all that make-up.

  28. Trinh Trinh says

    She looks like Park Shin Hye

  29. Jaqueline Gomez says

    Soy prieta:(

  30. Caroline Dela Fuente says

    I bet you'd be so handsome as a guy

  31. Ruth M. says

    im pretty sure being this gorgouse is a crime.

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