Dad tries to save son on roller coaster then this happens…

Dad tries to save son on roller coaster then this happens…
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  1. Alo Cheongashack says

    I’m so skinny

  2. Lilliana Ramsden says

    I have never been on a Rollercoaster be for and now I'm scared

  3. kendall hafford says


  4. Jeju Baby says

    He fainted

  5. GUZEE TIGRAN says

    You said a bad word

  6. Kelvin Green says

    Roller coaster scary but my brother loves them🥺

  7. vannessa mendez says


  8. rutukas 2009 says

    I got goose bumps after this

  9. Emily talevska says

    That happend to me but I’m okay

  10. secret thing says


  11. monkeyclui says

    Hey Azzy can you say less words too much words to say but wow you have so many saliva to say

    Plus they are so brave

  12. Bella Girl says


  13. Saskia Weisgerber says

    i am the first two kids on the slingshot ride combined on every ride

  14. Donald Meinhardt says

    If you show the panic on your face no child is going to panic

  15. Anthony Yauri says

    Kids do that on rides I close my eyes it’s because were scared💁🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  16. Halina Rosinska says

    That girl looked like me on a Small rolocoster for children like about 4 years

  17. cheyenne Penson says

    Ive been ON the mousetrap before a week before someone was in trown off ride by the sharp turns

  18. Claire Evergreen says

    My parents made my go on the tour of taror in Disney land

  19. ashley lopez says

    Dad/my poneeeeeeeee
    Me/my TABLT O

  20. ashley lopez says

    I love you toYolanda

  21. Amal Gibb says


  22. Gacha Llama_xD says

    I am never going to go on any roller coaster agin

  23. Bella Dragonrider says

    The kids passed out in the second video

  24. Selena Revera says

    The kid does not want to think about it that's why he is closing his eyes

  25. Sherry Hayes says

    My friend went through a bar on powder cake at sdc and shes fine

  26. Dave Smith says

    OMG 😱 so scary

  27. Sticky Situation says

    That kids face is mine..


  28. Hail Hogan says

    One time I got my arm stuck in a lop on a roller costar so they had to save me it took 3 hours and it HURT a lot

  29. David Petty says

    At six year old is is braver than everyone

  30. David Petty says

    I am 7

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