Dads Learn To Do Their Daughters' Makeup

Dads Learn To Do Their Daughters' Makeup
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  1. Danica Oslund says

    I think Blue Dad is better than all of us

  2. Danica Oslund says

    Their better at doing eyeliner than I am 😂

  3. Alli Kreisman says

    This is so cute and wholesome 🙂

  4. Alison Linh says

    This is so cute! It would have been better if it was little girls and single or not single dads so that those dads could help their daughters with make up as they grow up.

  5. Musicellaneous says

    This is so great! <3

  6. Ezria Daniels says

    Stephen 💓

  7. Mal K says

    The dads look like Michael Lohan and Meat Loaf.

  8. Taryn Caddell says

    My dad would never do this! I wish he would but that’s just a dream.

  9. kelly gardner says

    I sooo enjoyed this! Awesome ladies and what great sports their sweet dads were. Continue this series!!!

  10. Brendons Forehead says

    Wowowowow jen looks like Jodie Holmes from the game Beyond: two souls😱😂

  11. Sarah Robeson says

    Beauty brender

  12. Nynke Visser says

    The dads look so proud aw

  13. Miss KitKat says

    wish I could do this with my dad but he's working in Korea since he's in the military >:(

  14. Eve McDaid says

    Is jens dad and her boyfriend called Stephen?

  15. Kat Way says

    I love the idea of the video and it was fun to watch, but to me it seemed like the makeup artist's didn't do to good of a job? The products didn't seem to be of the highest quality and they didn't use any primers, and the one artist used peach to color correct redness (you're supposed to use red).

  16. Selina says

    Daddy daughter bonding time, that is actually cute

  17. Clare Crawford says


  18. Lydia Marida says

    "look down please." – dad. LOLOLOL

  19. Abena Kane says

    Brenna is absolutely breathtaking💜💜

  20. Anna Grace says

    oh no wonder, we're using the concealer

  21. tribefenatic says

    thank god for YouTube! now more than just her friends are seeing it.

  22. Rúna á Steinamørk says

    This is so cute 😅

  23. LadyChaos101 says

    This is so sweet

  24. Dotty says

    Dang, I need to set up an appointment with chuck ASAP

  25. Cece says

    Ok but what's jens skincare routine

  26. Katie xxooo says

    Aww I would have loved to do this with my dad it would have been so funny. He passed away in February I'm dreading Christmas without him

  27. go fuckyoutself says

    This makes me wish my dad wasn't such a twat

  28. Hunter x says

    So cringy

  29. Cami Ferrell says

    I didn't know jen's dad's name was Stephen, and she's dating a Steve aha

  30. Kara Camille Delonas says

    My dad would never do this

  31. Jimxmy says

    I actually think this is a really sweet video

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