Daily Struggles Only Over-Thinkers Understand

Daily Struggles Only Over-Thinkers Understand
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  1. Alien 0330 says

    This is me, just add a little anxiety and you get me.

    I've even asked my crush if I make him uncomfortable just because I started overthinking a bad joke I made…

    I- keep myself up at night ngl

  2. Chicken Wings says

    Hey I got and idea. Struggles only hippie hat wearing manspread haters will understand

  3. JimzAck A380 says

    Well, circular Quay. T8 train network

  4. markjvp says

    Me everyday but worried for everything like right now I’m trying to get a new friend yet I sent her something and right now I’m kind of thinking what if she doesn’t want to be friends anymore but luckily I can counter that with it’s ok if she doesn’t

  5. Lindsthestudent says


  6. Cezzy Cousins says

    People with anxiety :

  7. wh00wie says

    * cries *

  8. HelpINeedNamjesus says

    This is totally me omg

  9. Nandini Chowdhury says

    This is seriously OCD, I would know it because I have OCD.

  10. Offline Yuri says

    This is my head during a math test!

  11. Solstice Saiyan says

    So RELATEABLE it hurts

  12. Ginny fander the shipper says

    I can relate to the ending evryone thinks im so came when it's litteraly hard for me just to speak to them whitout thinking did something wrong. 😐😅😩

    (sry for bad grammar non english)

  13. Luiza Leontios says

    For a good week I had this weird 'phase' where every few minutes during the night I had too make sure everyone was sleeping and not dead. I know it sounds weird but I legit never slept for a good week before I got everything sorted out. Worst week of my life that's for sure.

  14. KaleidosCopingMe says

    Lmao thats so mee ^^

  15. fan girl for books says

    Who's in the mood for racism anything day

  16. Moe Golden says

    Wow I wish I was as positive as this

  17. Bob Smith says


  18. Joe Campbell says

    Nooooo this is meeeee …..

  19. Tigo Kok says

    Am I the only one here who can't relate?

  20. Mr Bread says


  21. Zedeye says

    Y was her hat at a 90 degree angle to her head???

  22. Esma Jažić says

    This is so relatable to me..Btw I am going to high school in September so I am overthinking like:"What if everyone thinks I am weird?or what if I end up alone?"Also when I am home alone and I leave the house I lock the door and then try to open it just to make sure that I locked it😂

  23. Aury Cularia says

    Gosh It really happen in my daily life

  24. Unknown Gurl says

    can relate 🙂

  25. Stormy the cat says

    Me yesterday i thought i was dying or my mom or dad neighbor idk im just a over thinker

  26. Gacha Aoishi says


  27. Jess Mckay says

    My thoughts are negative though 😂

  28. ᄋᄉᄋJinnie says

    Lmao so me

  29. Romaissa Ch says

    I wish I found this earlier, would be a relief if I had known that there are many other people understand what I go through everyday ♥

  30. Sarah says

    This is literally so relatable

  31. AfricanBarbie21 says

    No but this is really what it’s like

  32. Hania Rizwan says

    Hi Fi over thinkers

  33. Gracinator 101 says

    I'm Australian 2

  34. that weard kid in the corner says


  35. tuberculosis says

    I'm an over thinker and I have anxiety along with depression. I am also a very shy person and doodle a lot. I feel like this world screwed up when making me

  36. El Cubano Orgulloso says

    Me.. :")

  37. Artic Kitty says

    ik im like 100yrs late but still. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relatable

  38. Corrin B says

    My life daily

  39. Amy Anime Lover says

    She's mad cute

  40. Thicc Potato says

    I over think things to the next level

  41. Madhellkitty says

    This is so f**king me.

  42. Its more like ”does my friend hate me because of that little thing I said 2 months ago? She definitely does. Maybe she doesnt even remember it. But what if she hates me”

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