Dating: Now Vs. The '90s

Dating: Now Vs. The '90s
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  1. dokha says

    whats the girl called ? instagram?

  2. alan howarth says

    old school is better , you have to use your mouth…the rest is fake!

  3. omar biagas says

    Although i agree with the guy about the 90s, if you listen to what the girl is saying you can learn how to date in today's time. So its up to you, you can either wallow in sadness about how much things were better in the past or you can adapt to the new times

  4. Olive juice says

    I like both

  5. BB LJ says

    “you can stalk without the internet” 😂😂

  6. harreh’s sweet creature says

    honestly being a lesbian it’s way easier for us to date thanks to the internet

    or maybe at least for me it is

  7. 5 Seconds of Harry Potter says

    YouTube and wattpad are the only apps I'm into… I'm not a social media girl… and I wish I could date like in the 90s

  8. Robert Walden says

    YES!!! @1:42 …..walking the sidewalk….SMOKING. Yes, THAT my friend was the 90's. Yeah, all the other interactive stuff happened too (pre-95). And another thing, depending on your location, you wouldn't order specialty coffee drinks. It was coffee….dark….with a little milk.

  9. Alexandra Somuano says

    She Is so beautiful

  10. Drew Clapp says

    What is with people and the '90s? They weren't that great!

  11. Il Y Aura Du Soleil says

    I’d know. I watch 3rd Rock

  12. Lily Clark says

    I like that she’s lesbian ❤️

  13. Hamster Shoulder says

    1:47 lol I like this little sarcastic moment they change the drink like it's nothing

  14. Talk and Reaction says

    I side on the " 90s dating " for a few reasons. one smart phones have a SEVERE bad outcome in years to come that we don't know about. two despite how the women presented her side of the discussion online further complicates dating for both men and women. three this reason falls on us men, we as men need to either use what I call " 50 50" (make the relationship equal for both sides) or if you as a man find a woman who wants to lead/take charge, that should not be to big of a hurdle. final reason, the different terms ARE toxic (chill etc. those words) taking someone out to food is my personal preference, as I find taking someone out for food and talk is more useful in the long term

  15. Lizzy Grant says

    1:48 love that they put a subtle sexist hint in there

  16. Tyler Gann says

    I agree with the guy here. Back in the 90's you would actually talk to a girl. Back then there was a such thing as a girl who could actually live without a phone because smartphones didn't exist back then. Now if you happen to find a teenage girl who doesn't have social media or a smartphone, consider yourself lucky. Things will only get worse if things keep being this way

  17. Jack Knight says

    Why not do what he wants to do now?

  18. serst35 says

    You can't really tell anything about a person from an online profile. 90s dating is better because you can often tell if someone is 'your type' from things like the way they talk, their body language, their interactions. You don't get any of that online. You can only find out 'practicalities' such as job, hobbies, whether they smoke etc- none of that has anything to do with whether you will fall in love with them.

  19. opera of dreams says


  20. Kevin Corrigan says

    He ordered the lagunitas and she ordered the gin gimlet, they got what they ordered, the bartender made no mistake lol

  21. Terry says

    i‘d rather stay alone forever than using such dating systems, it‘s pathetic

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