Deep-Fried Potato Shrimp Balls

Deep-Fried Potato Shrimp Balls
Here is what you need! Ingredients: Shrimp: – Raw Shrimp, 15 – Salt, for seasoning – Pepper, for seasoning Mashed Potato: – Russet Potato, 3 – Butter, 1 Tbsp.

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  1. Bazziness says


  2. Mama TK says

    This is new I am going to try this and upload the video to my YouTube channel.

  3. Beatriz Liebana says

    Can I deep fry my deep fried frier with deep fried fries deep fried in a deep fried deep frier? :v

  4. Ankana Saha says

    This is called in west bengal is "chingrir chop" 😘

  5. The Storm Spirit says


  6. humnpronmovies ali says

    I tried it so yummy

  7. Anita Saxena says

    I like her tattoos and nails….😂😂

  8. Ozgun says

    Is there a recipe for that sauce too? I wanna make it at home

  9. The Creeper King says

    I’ll skip the frying part, pre cook the shrimp, and add some milk to the potatoes. And eat it like that.

  10. Duncan Wetherall says

    Or tempura prawns

  11. K Trav says

    lol shrimp balls

  12. Maria Regina Miserochi says

    coxinha gourmet

  13. Bendy Plush says


  14. Defne Kahraman says

    looks good in till you bite in

  15. Fancy Wah says

    First you cook a mythical creature (Potato Shrimp) but now you cut off their private 😔😂😂

  16. Maryum Rashid says

    I hate shrimps

  17. I Love Drawing says

    Mmmmm… deep fried beauty blender!😋

  18. F7 CITY says


  19. Murugesh Samsung says


  20. Mehv Mhv says

    absoulte deliciousness.

  21. Rocio Lira says

    Please make cheddar cheese stuffed shrimp wrapped with bacon!

  22. Han says

    i thought it was cucuq udang

  23. barashi2997 says

    What's the sauce they serve it with? I always see it but don't know what it's called/ how it's made.

  24. waiyu mun ching says

    Shrimp balls…
    Shrimp balls……

  25. • M o o n • says


  26. That One Albanian says

    They look like deep fried little chickens without their heads on

  27. Vanessa Shantae says

    her hands look porky

  28. Dove Cameron Lover 2006 says

    can u pls do homemade ranch

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