Delicious Cereal Desserts That Don't Require A Spoon • Tasty

Delicious Cereal Desserts That Don't Require A Spoon • Tasty
Cereal’s not just for breakfast anymore 🥄 Subscribe to Tasty: About Tasty: The official YouTube channel of all things Tasty, the world’s …

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  1. Sharon Apple says

    Oh yes I would totally spend and hour of my time to create a cereal bar instead of simply grabbing a fork from my dishwasher

  2. Vanirathi Nathani says

    I have a blender, I have a 101 types of cake pans, I even have a cookie cutter.
    But guess what I don't have..

  3. V says

    It doesn’t need a spoon…

    It needs a fork

  4. danu iftekhari says

    So fake the last one needs a spoon

  5. Monika Liberska says

    Sees that we dont need a spoon – 👌! Okay

    ON* the* FIRST* recipe* uses* spoon* like* ON* all* the* other* recipes*

  6. Hager Shady says

    انتوا بتعملو حجات تحفه بجد

  7. Technically, nothing requires a spoon. You can always use your hands 🤡

  8. Jean Jacques Ahounou says

    Delicious foods that don't require a spoon

    Pulls out blender

  9. Weston Anderson says


  10. Suga High says

    Honestly nah, I like my cereal with just milk

  11. Sofya Krupnik says

    Why is this soo relaxing to watch?

  12. Jupiter says

    4:16 look! It's a spoon!

  13. NapoletAmos says

    Last one is cheating though, what's the difference

  14. Peyton Edits says

    Diabetes waiting to happen

  15. Chop Happy says

    cereal desserts! Yes, please! I want to try and make these on my channel

  16. adrian jd says

    uses spoon

  17. K/DA Akali says

    But, what's the point

  18. maybe its alieya says

    choose your titles properly next time tasty :’)

  19. maybe its alieya says

    this video is sponsored by lots of other cereal companies that we won’t mention at all throughout the whole video because we aren’t sponsored by them at all

  20. Chicken nugget says

    5:04 did anyone else notice how the piping matched the music perfectly? 😮

  21. Slo mos by Mia kaye says

    We don’t have fruity pebbles in our country

  22. Daniel Olesen says

    Im supposed to do Homework but, here Im sitting and watching How to make cereal cakes😳

  23. Moe Bando says

    If you look at 2:25 they got a little kid doing it 😩

  24. Cherry Gacha says

    Like it
    Hey,i will be happy if you gve me only the Fruity pebles x melted marshmello i will be happy too

    TwT OwO

  25. Sprite Sophie says

    Why am I here… I hate cereal

  26. jun lo says

    No crotch goblins , all kids are ugly I see too many spoiled brats

  27. Kopi Bean says

    Tasty: chocolate candies
    MnM: Am I a JoKe To YoU

  28. FBI Agent 99 says

    If you want diabetes you should watch this

  29. GlamGirlTV says

    It’s nit cereal without milk-

  30. GlamGirlTV says

    When you have cereal but don’t have a spoon

  31. nummy kl says

    I scare to eat thus. Fat

  32. JENNIFER DOAN says

    I eat my cereal with chopsticks

  33. Liam O'Connell says

    the background music sounds like the Minecraft music

  34. Yu's Second Weird Channel says

    Random small channel commenting.. By ThE wAy SmAlL yOuTuBeR hErE

  35. Cooking channels says

    Which is better pizza or burgers?

  36. Sturgeon says

    I got type 2 diabetes just from watching this video.

  37. Madison Olivia says

    Am I the only person who NEVER eats cereal for breakfast? I literally don’t even eat breakfast food. I have like pasta and like chicken nuggets lol 😂

  38. brynn livingston says

    There is a spoon in the recipe

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