Delicious Low-Carb Egg White Omelette

Delicious Low-Carb Egg White Omelette
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  1. Joshua Thompson says

    Tasty How dare you and omelette ain’t an omelette without yolks

  2. Harris Lidrapranoto says

    Low carb, high calorie..

  3. miztri says

    This actually looks good!
    Wish I had spinach

  4. Cecilie M says

    Wow!! That was amazing! I'll have to make some! Thanks for posting! 👍👍

  5. Faith Nope says

    mmm looks good

  6. doot doot says

    I actually made this. Pretty happy to be honest. Use a softer creamier cheese rather than cheddar. The sauce stuff could use some more spices, not sure what thouhh

  7. Araceli Flores Asmr says

    If you don't eat the whole egg you WILL end up BALD or without that much hair

  8. Vitus Feng says

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  9. Sene Underwood says

    So the spinach feta wrap from Starbucks!

  10. SoUnd and SouL says

    0:52 that Fitbit though!!

  11. RmFrZQ says

    What is "Low-Carb" anyway?

  12. Filipe Alencar says

    Delicious? Laganja voice HMMMKAY

  13. Caffeine free says

    Now im in the mood for eggs

  14. cierra says

    Shut the fuck up criticizing them for messing up. All of us know that you can't even do 2 times better so the fact that you guys are hating is ridiculous.
    You guys don't even have YOUTUBE videos but criticize Tasty for running out of ideas. Some people only have post notifications on to dislike the videos. You guys make no sense! It's good to know that tasty has atleast 1 loyal subscriber. You guys are so rude and feel like it's necisary to hate and that you'll die if you don't. In every single video, you guys are bitching about Oh that's not from france or That's not the name! You guys are petty.
    If you're hating on someone that obviously means you have nothing better then to sit in front of a motherfucking screen all day sending hate comments. Shut the fuck up being rude to tasty and that's all.

  15. [Osu]Overlord Official says

    Okay so what will I make out of those 3 left over egg yolks? Also where did that sauce come from and how can I make it?

  16. Rachel Gordon says

    This is an egg white burrito

  17. Infinite Echo says

    What do you do with the egg yolks?

  18. Layth says

    Who's actually tried that and is it good?

  19. honey says

    Why does the background music remind me of Wii music???

  20. Hella Neuweiler says

    Gosh. This must be bland af

  21. James L says

    Not really low carb at all.

  22. WhattheGemini says


    I forgot to oil the pan before I put the eggs in…

    Mine didn't look like this afterwards

  23. Noray Baklayan says

    Thank you for making healthy videos tasty you rock keep up the good work

  24. Emilie Clarke says


  25. Oh yeah yeah says

    And im sitting here eating an beanutbutter jelly sandwih

  26. Alexander Vestergaard says

    Why is it that I didn't enjoy this video something about it just made me feel sick I'm sorry I'm not meaning to make all you guys mad at me it's just I didn't enjoy it sorry

  27. Dajana Matijevic says


  28. uwu uwu says


  29. sarika singhal says

    For those whose resolution is still continuing


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