Did I Just Get My Period?

Did I Just Get My Period?
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  1. Holly Goode says

    Omg I got my period at 10 and it was at school so my enemy shouted out that I was on my period!😂

  2. Emma Allen says

    My only thoughts during this were “is there not a closer bathroom where you can just check?”

  3. Andrew Hopkins says

    Why does no one feel bad for candle girl and juggle boy

  4. Andrew Hopkins says

    Who else felt really bad for the girl with the candle? I think she was alone on her birthday.. 😩

  5. Mahati Dharanipathi says

    i love how they had to use a different person for the motorcycle ride because brittney could drive one

  6. Izzy Gachaz says

    Can someone help me? I think I got my period last night, but there was a TING bit of bloo I put a pad on and it the morning I had some blood on it did I start my period? I also got a cramp in the morning

  7. Rosa T. says

    So no one is gonna talk about how that was a man on the motorcycle

  8. Anna VT says

    Am I the only one concerned about her lack of access to a public bathroom?

  9. Chaselynn Spera says

    I don’t have mines yet but this is why I’m school I always wear something on my waste

  10. I G O T N O J A M S says


  11. Marci Lol says

    Why is she drove at home? Are there no toilets??

  12. Juni Malia says

    0:25 that was WAY to much ketchup 🤢🤮

  13. Esra Kaderli says

    Wow she has a magic shirt 0:55 and 0:58

  14. Lauren O says

    She has nothing to worry about, she has black pants.

  15. Ariana Morales says

    Dang how far away are you’re guys bathroom 😂?

  16. Ronni Snyder says

    This basically just happened, I was laying in bed and I thought I got it but I didn’t

  17. Myra says

    I am so lazy whenever this happens I am like
    "Guess I'll free bleed, it's not like I asked for it"

  18. Me when I think I got my period at school

  19. Jadzia Bishop says

    She changed her clothes once she was riding the motorcycle

  20. maryrosenotrosemary says

    Thanks Youtube, I started it today and you wanna recommend it to me today!? Even though I'VE ALREADY WATCHED IT???!!

  21. Incognito Duchess says

    ana ou–

  22. Nikki skk says

    I was fighting some demons clap

  23. I hate period because when I had taekwondo training and then your period shows up out of nowhere…. That is called bad luck….

  24. Jill Ivers says

    and I oop-

  25. Lloyd1-1 J says

    Hahaha, I think Eugene was filming, "The Try Guys Try Extreme Swimsuits" video when she ran in.

  26. Sarah Lucas says

    it's never a complete video without Eugene XD

  27. granger_cat 21 says

    Was the person on the motorcycle a guy????? I just though……never mind😐

  28. Hxney. BTS says

    Periods should be an excuse to not go to school for the whole week.

  29. This is literally me in school XD

  30. The Crazy Gecko says

    I just sneezed.

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