Disturbingly Honest College Confessions

Disturbingly Honest College Confessions
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  1. Miracle Pope says


  2. Luna Leon Mange says

    Me scared of Arizona now

  3. Regular Invader says

    So nobody has dealt with ‘professors’ who basically make you feel like you’ll need to self-teach the material because they don’t know how to teach in class?

  4. VowXD says

    So whose the girl in the thumbnail?

  5. Marvel_ Memes says


    Omg i never said me so quick in my entire life.

  6. Lady_ Ebao says

    Jesus fuckin christ Arizona.

  7. PizzaWingMans ‘ says

    Of your teacher says if you wanna pass sleep with me it’s the only way.Never do it as he sees it as an opportunity to get his penis wet without paying or work hard

  8. Skyler Dennis says

    If you put the video of 2× speed, it sounds like a racing games final lap music

  9. Jon Dillon says

    Okay…do you know what confession means?? I guess not. Unbelievable

  10. Mike Forgie says

    Some of these ppl probably have kids now lmao

  11. KingA Kingz says

    Here is my college confession… I am 20, My parents, friends and family have invested a lot of money (100k) for me to go to college and follow my passion. I promised them and God that I would give it my all and not let them down. I worked very hard, didn’t mess around and stayed focuses. Now money means nothing, but happiness means everything. I will now be making up to 550k a year, becoming a Professional pilot for Southwest Airlines ✈️👨🏿‍✈️. And also as well which is another plus is I met the women of my dreams 💍👰🏿. Moral of the story is don’t settle for an average life. Strive to live life with fulfillment and joy😊♥️.

  12. Vlaicu Rabca says

    My confession :

    I wore 3 different T-Shirts all year

  13. Hungry Basset says

    College is a huge waste of time and especially money.

  14. Fallen Bri says

    Well the ones from Universities in my state are… uh… interesting.

  15. Thomas says

    This is why I hate BuzzFeed

  16. Nina Watson says

    maryland hahah

  17. cozey says

    The last comment is me for real

  18. BearsHunnyPot says

    Haha tbh I like guys with bubble butts, that dude ain't wrong in some cases

  19. Ady L says

    Omg I live right by UWEC

  20. Noelle H says

    the girl in the thumbnail looks like Colleen Ballinger

  21. Poetic says

    lol my boyfriend is a junior in college and he’s always telling me about his strange college confessions. I find them so cute

  22. Lucy Unicorn says

    I love that last one

  23. Violet says

    And I thought the vodka thing was already wild

  24. Kate Noswatudidthere says

    The last one is the reaction of someone who read the previous confesions

  25. I Like Tacos John Cena says

    The last one basically sums it up

  26. Olivia says

    The University of Oregon one is ME

  27. UFCMexicanfighter says

    I thought that was Kelsi Monroe in the thumbnail 😂

  28. Valentino Ortega says

    why u bashin arizona!?

  29. Lucas Cavendish says


  30. Prestone says

    I like how the video just shows random people who probably have no association with the quotes at all…lol

  31. Mike Hunt says

    Yes, girls love big booty too.

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