“DIY GIANT EDIBLE GUMMY COLA BOTTLE!” Hope you guys like this video! tweet me your results if you decide to recreate it! Can we get this video to 10K likes!

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Ella says

    I would only make this with if I hadn't had sugar for a month

  2. Weronika Kajdana says

    Byłam pewna że pochodzisz z angli badz ameryki ale pztrze na kom i tu co polka wtf mega wloski pozdrowionka 😘

  3. Krasnijmercedes18 says

    You're so beautiful!!!!

  4. Francesca Ellul Farrugia says

    Amazingly perfect xx Your channel is perfect I started watching you in August best month of my life (literally ) but I'm probably not gonna watch a lot of your videos because of school I'm starting 6th grade (aka the grade were you're 12 )

  5. bella Rose says

    Would it work the same with lemonade ? <3

  6. kellywelly36 says

    Looking adorbs in the baby pink 🙂

  7. Insolent Nik says

    has anyone tasted this? is it nice?

  8. Miriam Elo says

    Hejka Roxi, mam pytanie czy potem można to zjeść? XDD
    Pozdrawiam (:

  9. ShanG says

    this is soo cool and looks yummy!!

  10. Ewa Witowska says

    Jesteś polką? 😻💕

  11. XViolet FarrenX says

    Did it taste good?

  12. Alexis Ursua says

    this really made me happy, can't wait to try it. What's funny while seeing the result is this really made my heartbeat so fast cuz finally i could do something without any help or concern 😂 from my fam. i'm sorry for telling that i'm so annoying.

  13. lucia youtz says

    Dos it taste good?

  14. It's Siti says

    it look so good omg hahaha

  15. 막내 says

    so much work 😂😂

  16. Yu Theresa says

    Congrats on 1 million!

  17. Vicky Osachy says

    Thx so much my mum got so freaked out 😂😂😂

  18. jakar bouchra says

    wow i love it♡

  19. Jasmine thompson says

    Where are u from

  20. Ines Martins says

    Did u taste it?

  21. севара холбаева says

    is it tasty?

  22. Madeleine O'Dwyer says

    Where did you get your nose ring? I love it! And I also love that you did a vegetarian version of this!!!

  23. Fiona Butchart says

    I tried to do this with my friend and it was a massive failure😂

  24. Hannah de Jong says

    You're so cool!

  25. MichelleV says

    you look like an indonesian celeb:zaskia sungkar hahahaha look her up!

  26. ariana pena says

    I know Spanish and English. what other languages can you speak??? I would love to have an accent.

  27. jvlia00 says

    is if even edible?

  28. berx2 says

    omg I love your accent! bo–le, you don't even say the 't'

  29. Cindy Zalli says

    Hey Roxxi!!!
    I am a 13 year old fans.Your ideas are so amazing and you too!!!
    LOVE YOU!!!<3 <3 <3
    PS: Please reply!

  30. ceyda says

    can you eat it?

  31. awsme9tyone says

    You totally look like Gigi Hadid but somehow….I think there's something prettier about you ! (I would have drank that bottle ahah).

  32. vera_xx says

    can you eat that 😊❤️

  33. Emilija Želvytė says

    I always admired you as a youtuber, i love your videos!!!! ♡♡♡

  34. aisling o neill says

    What age are you

  35. Jorgia and Zoe says

    I really hate the taste of coke but this was cool

  36. lyncoolbunny says

    I love you so much ❤❤

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