DIY Glitter Beard Tutorial

DIY Glitter Beard Tutorial
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  1. Robert Kusler says

    When he smiled at the end, I melted a little.. Roll that beautiful glitter footage!

  2. P-A says

    It hurts me deeply in my manhood…

  3. muddyhats instagram says

    Sexy big guy!! 🏳️‍🌈

  4. Seona Srivastava says

    ariel got what she wanted when she was doing ned's job for a day

  5. Preston Ellis says


  6. Gabby Games Official says

    I like how it went from like a depressed biker to a rainbow unicorn look lol

  7. Tee Haze says

    LOOK it's a gay bear

  8. phantommangagirl says

    Gimli at a Pride parade?

  9. Mikan says

    Sticker beards

  10. Lukshana Sri says

    This is ariel's (ned's wife) idea.

  11. Conner Ashford says

    He's still picking glitter out of his beard to this day

  12. Patrick Gabriel says

    Anyone else thinking this is appropriating female culture

  13. Kayla Matthews says

    Why does he look like he belongs in The Hunger Games capital……

  14. xNicciix says

    He's like a glittery Santa :'D

  15. Sofia Koutouras says

    The hair tho

  16. NO IMAGE says

    What is the point?

  17. oh worm? says

    Glitter every where

  18. James Curtiss says

    The glitter on his eyebrows would just fall and get in his eyes

  19. dark sever gaming says

    you guys should do galaxy beards X3

  20. Sierra Mackenzie says

    My dream actually came true

  21. oceanblue says

    thats a halloween costume right there 😀

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