DIY Halloween LIFE HACKS Everyone SHOULD Know

DIY Halloween LIFE HACKS Everyone SHOULD Know
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  1. Jetson the dog! says

    Happy Halloween bbbbbbbeeeeeessssssstttttt dddddaaaaayyyyy eeevvveeerrr

  2. Rebeka Zorko says

    Like no.

  3. Eleonora Edman says

    Im gonna be a mexican sugar skull 😜

  4. waheguru khalsa says

    u are so cute

  5. Ema Halkić says

    Your's hacks videos are so good and cool , i love your's videos

  6. James Jibiri says

    Pleease do a playlist cause i love HALLOWEEN

  7. Lolly pop says

    Harley quinn

  8. Minnie Cupcake says

    Sorry my sis was being mean

  9. Minnie Cupcake says

    Clean dos nails

  10. Moon Lovers Kiwi MSP says

    In Denmark it's not a big thing going trick or treating, but me and my best friends are still going ((:

  11. Melissa's World says

    I'm going to be a zombie school girl

  12. Viona Akhbari says

    Make you fake blood

    That work!!!!

  13. London Avery says

    I'm being Harley Quinn

  14. Laylee Curtis says

    I subscibed😍😍😍😍🙂🙂

  15. mylifeisKätty 15 says

    i'am benywise

  16. Gloria Sears says

    A dead nerd is whaf i am going to be for Halloween

  17. Kalia Parry says

    For Halloween I am being chunky because I got the jinger hair you are looking great on that video

  18. katie black says

    I don't know what iam dressing up as! A unicorn mermaid or harly quinn can some one help me decide!

  19. BTS fan!!!!!! says

    Im gonna do The breuce😖😖😖

  20. Camryn N Brooks says

    I just wanted to say something. U don’t need makeup your Beautiful💞

  21. Courtney Hannah says

    Sure halloween is tottaly a season not a holiday

  22. London and Kacey vlogz says

    Broken doll

  23. becca xox says

    Awesome love u x

  24. Charlie Villegas says

    Mine to

  25. Weronika Kolodziejewska says

    happy halloween!

  26. Iloveminecraft 26 says

    At first I thought you said bread instead of thread

  27. Daniela Soriano says

    Dead bride

  28. Morein Ib says

    Am I late?

  29. Geraldine Mcquade says


  30. Sarah Siafakas says

    Does anyone know if the honey and food colouring stain? Please reply if you know 🙂

  31. Sunflower Angel says


  32. Suzy Q says

    I love your bids

  33. VaeJk x says

    Who else got "The Stain" add and thought it was a actual movie

  34. the cool kids chanel says


  35. Justice Blackwolf says

    subbed 💖

  36. Wilco Kramer de la Rie says

    I like the music in the beginning

  37. Babydoll Martinez says

    Im pikachu for hallowen

  38. Sophie typhoon says

    Halloween is a season??

  39. BlackChild05 Victoria says

    She said “Halloween is my favorite season” it’s not a season lol

  40. Hunnybun Keira says

    omg that last one looks amazing! I will HAVE to try it!

  41. Violet Cupcake says

    I love the Jack skelington Garlen😊👍

  42. Aly B says

    imma be a zombie

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