DIY Halloween MakeUp Tutorial And Decorations

DIY Halloween MakeUp Tutorial And Decorations That Are Straight Out Of Your Nightmares!
Sparkle Through the Dark on Halloween with this Killer Skull Look and make these spooky decorations and get creative this Halloween.

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  1. pastel heart says

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  3. Itzzz_me ;D says

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  5. Jeff Wei says

    How to wash it off

  6. Dorine Bertier-Bolgert says

    waouh !!!! i like you !!!

  7. Safitri Nurmala says

    Hi serem

  8. Ki cool says

    So good

  9. Tin Pagran says

    Wow ilove a holloween make up

  10. Nuwayra Angel says

    It's a pain to remove all the glitter

  11. Mariselis Salazar says


  12. Bimala Devi Agrawal says

    This halloween makeup is harmful to skin

  13. riccardo frassy says


  14. kittychan hamd omer says

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  15. Sanjay Saraviya says

    That Gem stones look beautiful

  16. gina 1 says

    AMAZING!!!!!GREAT JOB!!!!!😆😆😆

  17. Georgia Briggs says

    My friends and i did a halloween make up challenge ,i won

  18. Galaxy Unicorn235 says

    So pretty

  19. Vartan Kazaryan says

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  20. grace maurice says

    2:16 is the winner of looking FUGLY!

  21. jessica mello says

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