DIY MAKE UP HACKS AND TIPS || Cool And Simple Girly Ideas by 123 GO!

DIY MAKE UP HACKS AND TIPS || Cool And Simple Girly Ideas by 123 GO!
Did you find one or more of these beauty tips handy? Make sure to share the wealth with your friends by sharing the video with them! And don’t forget to …

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  1. renu mishra says

    so funny

  2. vikas vishwakarma says


  3. renu mishra says

    so funny

  4. NABEELA Kanwal says

    Pls do back to school

  5. Phoebe Cocker says

    That first girl has nice lips already


    Pl support my chnl too🙏

  7. Swetha A M says

    ನೈಸ್ ವೀಡಿಯೋ

  8. MAIRA KHAN says

    Who's makeup fever? Hit like 👍

  9. Rahman Mohibur says

    I hate Lana

  10. Dakota Holden says

    I love 123 go

  11. Mohamed Rizni says

    Lana: whats that on ur face?
    Me: eye shadow😂💋

  12. Aya Bendali says

    Sabiais que el pegamento para los labios es malo???



  14. Aysha Yasir says

    I’ve tried putting lipstick on my cheeks and it makes them itchy and it gave me a rash 😡

  15. xya labayog says

    2:51 or you can clean that make up sponge

  16. xya labayog says

    Who's gonna clean that pallets hah

  17. Saurav Bardhan says

    One should not put lipstick on eyes

  18. Galaxy Star says

    The thumbnail looks gross already dont bother looking cause gonna vomit

  19. Bandana Sarkar says

    Hi lana

  20. Luke Kerner says

    5 minute craft is cra cra

  21. BrenRT says

    is this the intro to bratty sis?

  22. Jodie Smith says

    Hey 👋

  23. nainoa gilo says

    Wheres Helly? Nowadays? Ummmm
    No one noticed?

  24. Kaif Khan says

    How many are Indians here 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  25. Wadeema Alshamsi says

    She can get another spoon or if it ran out she could wash it

  26. Meng Chhourkim says

    Luna is that Bella backpack!?

  27. Hannah Garces says

    Like to hear their real voices 👇🏻

  28. Millie Fisher says

    Where's Helly and

    Like =if you are a boy

    Comment =if you are a girl

  29. Nithya Nandhakumar Balaraman says

    It's good and funny video

  30. Aqsa Moazam says

    11:12 do not do this it is very dangerous this can result to lack of oxygen and swollen lips DO NOT TAKE THIS AS A JOKE

  31. Shamsa Khan says

    How did Vicky come on the magazine?

  32. Ormid Montero says

    Like it

  33. Nadia Rosier says

    XD 12:27 the picture on the right. She only put lipstick on most of her lips. And then on the left she put it all over her lips.

  34. Mr. Krabs says

    Remember the times youtube’s comments weren’t begging for likes?

  35. Nadia Rosier says

    Or maybe Bella could just use natural makeup

  36. lovely pasco says

    0:26 was so funny

  37. Vilma Lacasandile says

    Don't do the balloon like a makeup sponge it's toxic

  38. Cheryl Times says

    I always watch and like ur vids

  39. Rizza Reyed says

    Lana is more cute🤗

  40. zoe hyu says

    You can see at 12:28 the one of the left. They legit didn't even color the whole lip. They just used powder to cover up half of their lip to make it look small. The one of the right is actually colored fully. Still love 123 GO! tho

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