DIY RECYCLE HACKS that will SAVE the world #TeamTrees

DIY RECYCLE HACKS that will SAVE the world #TeamTrees
DIY RECYCLE HACKS that will SAVE the world #TeamTrees – Hey Everyone ! Today’s video is a collab with Mr Beast and other creators to …

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  1. Koko T. says

    3:41 it’s double sided tape…

  2. Emily Galvin says

    Azzy are you dumb
    They use double sided tape

  3. Mandy O'callaghan says

    I'm in Australia

  4. Nick Luxe says

    5 Minecrafts

  5. Allegra Jammo says

    Plant a tree

  6. Momof3 says
  7. Nabeeha Akhtar says

    "Sorry, you can't donate in this country or region yet" WhErE aM I fRoM? NaRnIa?!?!

  8. Ricky Edmond says


  9. Matilda Petty says

    I’m British so I can’t donate a dollar
    I donate pounds

  10. very uncreative says

    Used #teamtrees for clout lmao that’s sad

  11. soty family fan says

    Shot of the Yeagers are doing this too

  12. Xanthe Breen says

    The tape they use was double sided😻🌻🤗

  13. Bridget Walsh says

    Hi love you Azzy💜💖👍

  14. ramy richa says

    I can't donate in my country

  15. Denisplays V says

    Where is kwebelkopp

  16. Beck Freeman says

    For a real use for old towels or stained (aka unsellable) blankets or sheets, look into donating them to your local animal shelter!

  17. ShÅdØw and ßear Ręyëš says

    I got hole in my towels because I bite them

  18. Deanna Armbruster says

    I saw that video

  19. Anais Castaneda says


  20. Sim Teong Pin says

    1 like=1tree

  21. The little dela Fam says

    Plan a tree I will get a 1$ for it for my bday my bday is in 20 days! QwQ

  22. Elvis Wednesday says

    I’ll plant a tree but…..

    I live in Australia

  23. Kids Phone says

    My towels are ripped a lot

  24. Suchi Sharma says

    You complaint more than actually seeing what's happening. Maybe you should stop talking while watching.

  25. Hair by Suni says

    They used double sided tape

  26. Pamela Pennington says

    I planted a tree to help

  27. Duck Season says

    The bad news is that there will be bigger wild firers

  28. Blossom Ink says

    It is double sided tap azzy


  29. Rebecca Hodgson says

    I want to my mom and said I want to plant a tree and she said okay and we went out the next day To the

  30. veil Andrei says

    We don't have money that's why i cannot donate i'm sorry😞

  31. Lara Espina says
  32. Lara Espina says

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