DIY Spring Room Decor | Tumblr Inspired

DIY Spring Room Decor | Tumblr Inspired
Hello my lovelies! Since today is the first day of spring I thought it’s only appropriate I do a DIY Spring Room Decor video! Let’s get this video to 10K Likes!

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Ella says

    Good affordable stuff

  2. Aleyya Saaiman says


  3. Esha Upadhayay says

    Nice & simple diy's roxii 🙂

  4. tabarak says

    when will i have one of those rooms on youtube

  5. Anna Ronyecz says

    Yes very good

  6. Bec Lawson says

    #Snapsquad sent me love your videos Roxi

  7. Tamiez NuWen says

    your diy are so cool and original… love them ❤

  8. Shane Taqi Warne says

    your accent is so cute ♡ reply please 😂

  9. Mina CT says

    love these diy's. omg.

  10. Lois S says

    "Room colour scheme" Shit, am I supposed to have that?

  11. Ruby Payne says

    I love that you're a British DIY you tuber, so I can actually buy some of the stuff you use!

  12. Alie 13 says

    what religion do u believe in

  13. Jasmine K says

    more diys videos I love them ❤

  14. Sophie H says

    You are so pretty!💕

  15. Duarte Rodrigues says

    you are beautiful

  16. Elisa LC says

    I love the skull candle so musch!!

  17. Emilee Ross says

    dark much XD (The Skull) I wuv the vid! 😀

  18. Sara says

    You're talented 😭💕💕💕💕💕💕

  19. Bree - says

    Remarkable. thanks for these

  20. Martha McIver says

    Hallo ma lovelies <3 I love you Roxi!!! follow u on insta !!!

  21. Rania says

    She's so pretty!! Omfg 😁😍

  22. Fashion Frenzy101 says

    I love how your makeup looks so natual but very pretty! I also love your nicely thick but shaped eyebrows my eyebrows dont really get super thick like that.

  23. Andzela says

    Love your makeup in this video 🙂

  24. Dailydose Ofabby says

    Your voice is literally the cutest 😍

  25. Brenda says

    Love You from France 🙊😘!!!

  26. Simply Marissa says

    Her hair is goals😍

  27. curls creature says

    You look like Gigi hadid 💗❤️

  28. Dyhizzle H says

    the last one was perfect 😍👻

  29. Yusra Al-Shammary says

    House tour

  30. Benchpress Dan says

    R u English

  31. Duda Silva says

    ❤👏👏👏👏👏I'm Brazilian

  32. sarah weed says

    I love the skull candle. its very different 😍

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