Do Figure Skaters Get Dizzy?

Do Figure Skaters Get Dizzy?
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  1. JaxCatisawesome! says

    Clearly the person who made this video knows absolutely nothing about figure skating.

  2. Sarah Klomp says

    Dance routine, really? It’s called footwork.

  3. Sarah Klomp says

    I mean like when she says that we focus on the point when spinning like ballet dancers do, she is correct and incorrect. Dancers spot and in ice-skating that can throw off your technique a lot. But we do catch glimpses Of a certain point in our surroundings to count how many revolutions we have in a spin.

  4. Sarah Klomp says

    Oh my gosh she just said A triple axel spin!😤 A triple axel is a jump and spins are completely different things from jumps. In a jump we rotate in the air we do not spin in the air.

  5. Kenya Jerez says

    When I saw the title of this video……

    Me:This person knows nothing about figure skating of corse you can get dizzy🥴

  6. What the heck is a triple axel spin?

  7. AG Skater says

    Yes we do.

  8. Zweep Procurement says


  9. Shea Bell says

    If you only rotate 3 times your spin SUCKS YO

  10. I♡animals says

    Yes, we do😂 we try to cover it up for you to not see it.

  11. LizzySkater 13 says

    i’m a figure skater and i do get dizzy but i can control it and i got used to it

  12. idk nan molla says

    “ figure skaters can rotate as fast as 402 RPM while doing a triple axel spin “

  13. Grace Grace says

    I am a figure skater and I do not get dizzy and I do the same spins as Olympians

  14. Natalie Nature says

    Bruh this video is a lie I'm I figure skater and if I try to catch a glimpse or something in the area while spinning I would break my neck and there is NO SUCH THING AS A TRIPLE AXEL SPIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Keira's Edge says

    I just spin. I don’t get dizzy.

  16. emma says

    I never learned any of these exercises but I don’t get dizzy while spinning.

  17. Kimeng Sor says

    tripel axel is okay …. but quad are way harder ( you can feel the G’s )

  18. Mellythibs says

    First off, why is anyone asking that question? Of course spins get us dizzy! And also…

    As a figure skater since I was 6 years old and I'm now 18, so about 12 year of avid skating. Plus, I went to Boston Ice Skating Club for a few years and do private lessons and such. This video is wrong in many ways.

    1. the Axel is a jump not a spin
    2. the moves between the elements ( jumps and spins? is foot work and that's required!
    A program needs at least 1 foot work sequence
    3. A "spotting" doesn't work while spinning, when spinning everything is a blur.
    4. to get out of spins and jumps, we check, which is to extended the leg and the arm to stop the rotation and get composure back during that time.

    Maybe you should do a little bit more research…

  19. eunwoo은우 says

    lol I never learned any of these 'techniques'… My coach just showed me how to do it and I went with it

  20. ethereal intoxicated canary says


  21. TheEvrLastingGmr YT says

    Scratch spins can get me a little dizzy because I spin probably close to 10 seconds going 100mph :3, but you get used to it after so many times…

  22. Francisca Morales says

    Just delete this already, everything about this video is wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️

  23. V Gordon says

    I'm not a figure skater and even I know that this whole video is wrong. This is why research is important!

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