Do You Get Déjà Vu?

Do You Get Déjà Vu?
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  1. jamjamj yt says

    I get deja vu alot but sadly my family doesn't believe me

  2. Gia Bảo Phạm Đức says

    2/3 of the population experienced Deja Vu.
    Huh, seems oddly familiar.

  3. Tunbo Jolaoso says

    I get deja vu all the time

  4. Noor Almajali says

    0:29 well that explains I travel 2-4 times a year

  5. Bruh what says

    Deja vu
    I've just been in this place before
    Higher on the street and I know it's my time to come home!

  6. Ahadullah Zakie says

    0:24 , 0:36 And 1:23 . No one noticed?

  7. Afroz Hossain says

    I get déjà vu everyday.. its scary

  8. Sean Korbitz says

    Nice time lapses 😉

  9. Moonlight Puppylover says

    This has nothing to do with deja vu but for some reason I feel like everyone else are ROBOTS and Im the only actual human idk how I MUST BE CRAZY

  10. Misty Lucid says

    I always get deja vu😂

  11. Light Higher says

    I never had a deja vu

  12. B.S. Bernasconi says

    I got a deja vu seeing this video…

  13. Eto Yoshimura says

    screen: Parallel worlds
    Me: clicks away NOT TODAY ALIENS

  14. Esther Poku says

    deja vu happens to me alot! like this time when i was sleeping and my sister gave me candy i spilled all of he candy then i woke up like when you wake up and your late for something then it felt like it already happend

  15. Kelly Busuttil says

    im 10 and i have deja vu

  16. MLG Mustafa12 says

    Hey guys sometimes i have death Dreams where i Fall to my death!

  17. Robyn Rhodes says


  18. Star Dust says

    that time when you're watching buzzfeed and you get a buzzfeed commercial…

  19. Broken_heart says

    ok, we get it. 2/3 of the population have lucid dreams (no homo)

  20. Magical Cheesecake says

    I thought I was the only one

  21. RainbowDeath .Tara. says

    I often have a dream of something that will happen during that day but it about random things.

  22. Goddess A says

    I never even remember the event until it happens and I'm like "I know this from somewhere" but if it's from a long time ago dream I don't even remember. I just remember that I know what's happening somehow

  23. Dream Seeker says

    I have It a lot

  24. cahyono wibowo says

    i deja vu almost every night and a month or days later i suddenly look back into my dream… and i just probably like to look into the future

  25. TwoxToned says

    I get it all the time randomly in the day ill just see in my head  like for example one of my friends stood in a certain position somewhere doing something next to someone saying something. Then it would happen sometimes years later. It happens constant5ly

  26. Maria Christie says

    Is it normal I get déjà vu and I'm 11?

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