Dope Tech of CES 2020: Sony Made a Car?!

Dope Tech of CES 2020: Sony Made a Car?!
Sony made a car. OnePlus made a piano. Razer made a mini PC. CES still got it! My CES photo thread: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Joshua Gambrill says

    Wait ford are making an suv called a mustang! Why?! You know you can give cars other names ford

  2. Richard Yu says

    Model 3 and Supra

  3. SAR says

    I bet he's been using all this tech for about a year now

  4. Dhruv Kumar Singh says

    I saw a Mercedes Benz Biome, interesting…

  5. Vivek says

    Still regretting that I bought a Sony TV !

  6. kenzukicool gamer says

    For those who didn't know Sony made this too:

    Sony Xperia
    Mobile phones made by sony cause I Have it now.

    Let me know if you also have one
    And it's great for watching movies
    (I'm talking about Sony Xperia 1 ).

  7. El Cubero Elegante says

    The intro song is Havana, isn't it? XD

  8. MSA says

    I'm buying Oneplus phone after seeing the piano 🙂

  9. Sir Winston says

    Dont lie… The first question that you asked yourself was…Can it connect to my PlayStation? LOL

  10. george park says

    Sony, you are going down soon.

  11. GainzBro says

    The PS5 was in the Frunk.

  12. OnyX Studio says

    I just realised that these cars are pushing new design language and car trend. I bet more and more cars will look like these. Similar to how every phone is pushing for smaller bezel (design language).

  13. Zaid Kewan says

    i hope all the tech youtubers do a joined video in the upcoming events

  14. AstroMagic says

    4k is everywhere. All TV's are practically 4k and it's affordable. People are getting to that point where their TV's and shitting themselves so they go to Bestbuy or online and buy a 4k tv because that's all their is and well it's the same price as a 1080p

  15. toobasaurus23 says

    Sony Car: A Tesla 3 fucked a Porsche Taycan.

    Same design across the board.

  16. Itay Lankri says

    GO to LG Thinq !!!

  17. neighbors be like says

    ps5 leaked

  18. Brian Chamberlin says

    But if it has not got a head phone jack its trash.

  19. IchKommentiere Kommentare says

    Intro Beat is a BANGER

  20. Agustin Cortes says

    KV HD? What do you say at the beginning of the video?

  21. R.a .z.i.q says

    yo imagine they have face scanner so thieves cant steal cars

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