Dope Tech: The World's Largest 8K OLED!

Dope Tech: The World's Largest 8K OLED!
Last Dope Tech of the decade! This video is sponsored by Oculus. Click here to learn more about the Oculus Quest: #OculusPartner All …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Marques Brownlee says

    Thanks again to Oculus for sponsoring this video! If you're into it, here's the info on the Quest:​

  2. THE LYRICS says

    Where is smartphone awards

  3. Sunu Kim says

    Looking good with the beard Marques

  4. Prasannajit Hota says

    Enhance….. Enhance…….!!!! Enhance……..!!!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  5. nedj10 says

    Enhance means nothing unless Early Cuyler says it in court 🙂

  6. Jarrett Polkinghorne says

    enhance 😂😂

  7. Sunil Rajput says

    But am watching in 240p 😳

  8. Praneeth Shetty says

    lv u


    8k is 9 years old they should have move on to 16k.

  10. Eknath Sravanam says

    Your left eye is red

  11. Melvin Tungadi says

    Waiting for smartphone awards 2020

  12. L8zin says

    Oculus recently disabled all social features unless you sign up with Facebook and let them collect data on your vr usage. This could for example include your room layout from the cameras on the headset. It's a shame that you have to partner with them.

  13. Marcin Adamowicz says

    You even pimped your eye on black and red. That's a real commitment

  14. Rohith Kumar says

    Linus Tech Tip has the only 8k content on youtube that's 8 hrs long, google it

  15. Hassan Tahir says

    Waiting for the Smartphone awards 2019

  16. Billy Weaver says

    No content for 8k

  17. Swizzle says

    you take this tv for video editing

  18. Mark Robinson says

    Rocket league is the greatest video game ever created

  19. A B says

    You click baited viewers. Largest 8K doesn't even come till half of the video. Please don't do this.

  20. P. Wingert says

    Hey do you think the new Mac Pro could drive two of the LG Screens? Just Sayin'

  21. Anshpreet Singh says

    Make a video on your new tesla model s

  22. Nirmal Kumar says

    Thank you for the video sounds great, but what happened to you eye? hope everything is alright….

  23. Allen says

    Smartphone awards next. 😏

  24. RANA SAHA says

    In thumbnail, you are looking like a chigga 😂

  25. Lakson Taimo says

    No giveaway this year?

  26. Darshan H says

    AaaaahhHH!!!!! That eye!!! My eye….god!!!! MY EYES!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!

  27. AG Coarseman says

    I am here just for the comments of the type: "So, I have been watching stuff on this TV for the last couple of years and here's what I think about it…"

  28. Tony StPatrick says

    As soon as he mentioned gold plated Airpods I just knew he was talking abt Pablo….😁 Just glad I discovered Pablo earlier

  29. axe693axe says

    Linus has you beat… with an 8K hologram😎
    Looking Glass WTF!

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