Drag Queen Styles An Introvert For A Week

Drag Queen Styles An Introvert For A Week
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  1. Nyantee A says

    She looked so cute. I hate catcalling tho ugh 😤

  2. Camila Valencia says

    Am i the only one who noticed that they were using Megans laptop??

  3. L M says

    The black dress … where is it from ? I must have one

  4. ItsTorrie says

    I loveeee that sweater dress!!

  5. Crowned One says

    "Sometimes when you put something on, it brings something out from within you." That's so true.

  6. Warrior Stuff says

    I want my own fairy drag mother.

  7. encanta411 says

    …I want a Fairy Drag Mother!

  8. Evelyn DeBlasi says

    yea but she didnt change her hairrr

  9. Bri Laloca says

    Bruh am I the only one who sees some cat calls as something to tell me I look damn good lmao

  10. Sleeping Cinderella says

    Introverts don't afraid to be seen. that's anxiety.
    introverts just don't wanna be seen.

  11. Savannah Lol says


  12. Astor Reinhardt says

    Jumpsuit was FUGLY. Outfit 4 was my favorite…but the scarf didn't really match.

  13. Xena Vola says

    I like that classy red and black suit Johnny is wearing

  14. industrial.beauty says

    Love all the Outfits ❤️

  15. Elligons says

    Outfit 2 was a 50's waitress costume. Outfit 3 barely covered her cooch. They all lacked accessories.

  16. Vanessa Crooks says

    i loved every single look, i'm a little disappointed at the nonchalant reactions of her friends and her boyfriend. she looked great!

  17. Quaylonda Herman says

    This girl looks like she could be related to my great grandmother it’s kind of crazy

  18. Quaylonda Herman says

    I wanna be styled by a drag queen

  19. kmbrose says

    "Fairy drag mother" hhahahaha I love it.

  20. E. Wyckoff says

    Is sobbing Please style me.

  21. Dan says


  22. Aitana Montalvo says

    Libby Kibart

    That would the whole description of myself

  23. Mikhailova Natalya says


  24. Heather Novak says

    Razor left the chat………

  25. Charlea says

    Guessing she didn't feel comfortable in the neon green one then

  26. Quirk & Folly says

    Honestly, that striped top and skirt look was PERFECT 👌

  27. Thea Stybe says

    Love that they were shopping together. Often I see buzzfeed going for the surprise version of make overs, and it works way better as the teamwork version that's happening here

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