Dreamy Deep Fried Lasagna • Tasty

Dreamy Deep Fried Lasagna • Tasty
As if you needed another reason to love lasagna! Try this deep-fried lasagna and get ready to fall in love! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Aalyia Y says

    As an Italian all I can say is that please stop touching Italian recipes.

  2. brootal hoovic says

    Imagine how gordan ramsay would react to this.

  3. your daddy says

    i really see no point in this other than to fuck up your health.. lasagna is so delicious just baked in the oven. then STOP there. no frying.. so gross.

  4. Midnight Noona says

    Cries in diet.

  5. Anastacia Epps says

    garfield has entered the chat

  6. Fatima Ibrahiim says

    Song name????

  7. VinDuo says

    sad david seymour noises

  8. Phoenix Wright says

    Why does it feel like it'll still be cold in the center.

  9. Jeff Goes Random says

    I think frying anything makes it taste good. Until it hits your stomach.

  10. Nurse Oasis says


  11. Rena G says

    Why do americans deep fry everything my god

  12. Reginald lewis says

    Not interested at all not even a little bit too much damn work involved and time👀👀 and i love to cooked.

  13. Pablo Escobar says

    Japan: Sushi
    Italy: Lasagna
    India: Curry and chapati
    Mexico: Taco
    France: Baguette and Macaroons
    USA: DeEp FRieD LAsaGnA

  14. Itz Slimez says

    D-did you s-say de-deep fried LaSaGnA?

  15. Alayna Rayne says

    If David doesn’t do this…

  16. Carmen Peluso says

    It’s fattening

  17. petit louis says

    That's good to do with the left overs

  18. Mia says

    Looks a little gross to be honest-

  19. Tejaswini Deshmukh says

    Is this a new hand of tasty?

  20. Mohammad Mhaidat says

    They have this at Olive Garden

  21. Trea- 360 says

    What’s next we deep fried a meatball
    Tasty:we need to take notes people

  22. Marponsa says

    Im sure it tastes good

    But why

  23. hyphz says

    At what point is a food so unhealthy it becomes a poison?

  24. liam Duvall says

    you made something unhealthy more unhealthy

  25. Honey_ Luv says

    David Seymour?

  26. isabele bonatto says


  27. Miu Iruma says

    On behalf of all other Americans, I am so sorry for this abomination.

  28. Pau Gironès says

    They could have made a deep fried lasagna pizza. Just for the kicks an giggles.

  29. Peyton Nicole says

    All y’all actin like tasty is the first one to do this as if Olive Garden doesn’t sell lasagna Frita 🙄

  30. Jeff Sipes says

    I'd love this.

  31. Sealy Seals says

    Anyone else realize that they basically reused the same video clips as the "How to make a Classic Lasagna" video and then just deep-fried one of the pieces lmao

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