Drugstore Back To School Makeup Tutorial

Drugstore Back To School Makeup Tutorial
Hey guys! so since it’s Back to School Season I thought I’d film this chit chatty makeup tutorial, I hope you enjoy it! Let me know your suggestions for future videos …

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Bitches and blobs Blobby says

    Awh it’s so cute you as a little baby look at where you are now

  2. Mary Ann Herrera says

    What is the shade of the lipstick?

  3. Mariasita says

    should i try this?😍😍

  4. sushiesalmon 20 says

    Yass gonna try it🔥🔥

  5. Francesca Mercado says

    my favourite makeup tutorial!

  6. saudi saudi says

    I Love your color hair

  7. Maya Abdao says

    I really really like it too

  8. akshita.pal says

    what song is this??

  9. Saff P says

    You're so beautiful even without makeup! And I love this look it's so natural. ❤️

  10. Jevie sparkles says

    Your so perfect😑😅

  11. Sofia Quiroz says


  12. Amanda Emerson says

    Love this look!

  13. Diljot Khangura says

    you look so beautiful!!!!! And plus I love that british accent. ITS TRULY AMAZING!!!!!

  14. Serengeti Itegneres says

    you could be a Victoria Secrets model you're gorgeous

  15. Berenice Stoecklin says

    this hair colour looks greaaat on you! keep it keep it

  16. Lime Whip says

    You're sooooo beautiful without makeup! With makeup too but youre naturally beautiful! <3

  17. Elita Johana Martein says

    i love your eyes. is it real? coz im very very jealous ♡♥

  18. Carol Kim says

    I really liked how simple and natural this look was:)

  19. Elise Fossbakk says

    Where did you get your nose piercing from? I find it really flattering xx

  20. shareen C says

    She looks like karlie kloss

  21. Liberty Edwards says

    You are trying to copy off +dannielle mansutti 🙂

  22. Liberty Edwards says

    pretty 🙂 💙

  23. Julia Dantas says

    Holy fuck you are STUNNING

  24. rahma infired suga says

    omg i love ur hair color

  25. Ann-sophie Dondeyne says

    your skin is perfect why do you use foundation??

  26. purge girl says

    the strangest thing is that you used eyeliner but you didn't use mascara

  27. Rebecca Ho says

    Your hair looks really pretty like this. But I kinda like your hair blonde more. <3

  28. Louise NFT says

    6:10 i thought you said f*cked up end instead of felt tip end i can't be the only one

  29. Pia Dayondon says

    whats the colour of your hair? they're gorgeous!!!

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