Drugstore Vs. Designer Waterproof Mascara Test

Drugstore Vs. Designer Waterproof Mascara Test
“I can watch the Notebook in this mascara and still look ok” Get all the mascaras here: MAYBELLINE Great Lash Waterproof Mascara – http://fave.co/2vHB7NB …

Source As/Is
  1. As/Is says

    What's YOUR favorite waterproof mascara? Let us know in the comments!

  2. Speak the Truth says

    Now these are some loyal friends!

  3. Boo Boo says

    Nice video, just what I was looking for! God loves you so much he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins and rose victorious on the third day with great power and glory defeating the devil and death and bringing life to all who believe in him and follow him! You are valuable and loved by the CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND THE EARTH! No greater love! He knows every pain you may be going through!
    John 15:13 King James Version (KJV)
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  4. Yeppers Peppers says


  5. R. Boyd says

    Is there a waterproof concealer? Would you do a test on long wearing concealer? Please!

  6. JH says

    What about sweat!!!!??

  7. BeautyShortcutips.com says

    Guys! You gotta be extra careful with waterproof mascara. It might be hurting your eyes. Preventing and solutions can be found here 👉🏼 https://beautyshortcutips.com/is-waterproof-mascara-bad-for-your-lashes/
    We gotta stay informed!

  8. fanty femme says

    These forst 3 girls did not put any mascara on whatsoever lmao

  9. mearry1713 says

    too faced isnt a designer brand lol

  10. Tricia Cardone says

    I have Maybelline Great Lash and its my most favorite mascara! It works wonders for me and isn't harsh on my blonde eyelashes

  11. Drew Cortez says

    Whats the name of the girl in the black shirt?

  12. lovethosebudgies says

    I wish that woman would take off her blue scarf so we can see what she really looks like.

  13. Ally Z says

    Doesn't even look like they are wearing my mascara at the beginning

  14. Amina Russ says

    smell it moves onion to their eye

  15. Erica Bridgewater says

    Use cruelty free makeup 🙁

  16. chermy says

    the girl beside the girl w/ a hijab looks like Ygritte from GoT

  17. nevaeh jackson says

    Mainly assert highlight oral average beat shirt expose.

  18. Nayeli ! says

    I specifically use the L'oreal one because it's easy to remove.

  19. Beatrice Findlay says

    Anyone else notice that all of the people of color got the drugstore ones and all of the white people got the designer ones?

  20. CuteHigabyGymnast05 says

    Who else's eyes r watering because of the onions through the screen

  21. Lucas Thomas says

    Inform radio excuse iqzlem lock tool influence silence consist nation publisher tend.

  22. Vilde Lund says

    Mark guideline pop stumble northwest advocate no.

  23. Nyanna says

    Why can smell the onions through my phone

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