Drunk Best Friends Online Shop For Each Other

Drunk Best Friends Online Shop For Each Other
I love drinking at work… You can buy all of the products here: Frank Body Face Scrub: http://amzn.to/2yTiwnE Vivid Violet Lip Gloss: http://amzn.to/2xOwkuM …

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  1. Samantha Kidd says

    Essence you’re a little ashy my love

  2. Hannah Siler says

    0:010:13 thats something my aunt Tonya would say when shes drink lmao

  3. babybluemoon ASMR says

    Why dose this make since

  4. Lilly Wightman says

    Omg her name is essance

  5. George Pie 5 says

    Thou shall exfoliate

  6. fire blast says

    They drunk

  7. Kimberly Marshall says

    Okay Buzzfeed, I see you. It’s been a long while, but I liked this

  8. enaruvie says

    Well I cried for both of you. That was soo sweet. 💪🏿

  9. Sophia Corso says

    Thou shall exfoliate 😂

  10. darsi sugarplum says

    Ohhh u thought they were drunk before they actually started drinking…so did I

  11. Foreststorm1099 AJ says

    Oh lord. I wouldn’t drink unless there was nothing else to drink.

  12. misspynai says

    Awww i love thissss!

  13. Audi Beavers says

    I love Chantal’s giggle! It’s so cute 😫😂

  14. Audi Beavers says

    Thou shalt exfoliate

  15. Joselyn Iradukunda says

    True Friend-Ship

  16. Ava _405 says

    “Thou shall exfoliate”😂

  17. Kathryn Loudon says

    Ugh women supporting and loving women is my fave! So good!

  18. Sofie Drake says

    “Yo this is hardddd I’m just gonna get her some fruit snacks”

  19. Aniabas says

    Is there more of these? There should be more of these <3

  20. Worldbuilder 10 says

    To find a friend like that is seriously so amazing. No wonder she was getting emotional- I'd sure get emotional!!! These girls give me life. I need more.

  21. Mrs Jackson says

    Where has she got it in her head that you're only supposed to have one vitamin a day. Oh dear lol I have 8!

  22. the mighty blue duck says

    Plot twist

    I can't think of any thing sry

  23. Hayden Bedard says

    I’m just gonna get her some fruit snacks

  24. Gabriela Wesolowska says

    i love this vid

  25. Ellie Thompson says

    “thou shall exfoliate”

  26. Peyton Peyton says


  27. Mother of Lobsters says

    Hey from Georgia!

  28. Rod Williams says

    Lol I wish I had a best friend

  29. Jessica Benitez says

    HOUSTON HOLD IT DOWN !!!! 🔥🙏🏼🗼❤️💪🏻

  30. Hannah Slyker says

    "im just gonna get her some fruit snacks" me

  31. Allanna Aguero says

    When you want to do this with your best friend, but you both broke af

  32. montia larson says

    "Work baes" lol. I've never heard that before. It's cute. I want me a work bae….but first I need work.

  33. Janaisha Hart says

    i love black women so much

  34. Sofia Alcalá says

    i can’t feel my toes

  35. Rose Friend says

    “Forget a buzz, I’m tipsy, I honestly can’t feel my toes”, 😂

  36. Anjoelina Anderson says

    Thou shall exfoliate…

  37. Zïa Grant says

    They are literal friendship goals💯💯👑👑❤️❤️

  38. Rowan Lafontaine says

    Both are beautiful!

  39. C Hughes says

    1. Thou shall exfoliate!
    2. Essence gives me Dion from Clueless vibes lol

  40. pretty bitch says

    Chantal's laugh + Essences slay level= PERFECTT💕💕💕💕💕💕

  41. Naila N says

    Awh Chantal was so cute when essence was opening what she got her💗😂

  42. nandaalt says

    I love how this ended with crying hahahah honestly me

  43. Riley Thomas says


  44. Lia Ndebi says

    ”I’m just gonna get her some fruit snacks..”

  45. Lia Ndebi says

    Thou shall exfoliate

  46. Lotty Sutton says

    This was adorable

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